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Nick Gray
Friends newsletter: Today's my birthday
By Nick Gray • Issue #13 • View online
Hi! Nick Gray here.
That’s me in the blue jacket and tie above.
Today’s my birthday! I am 35 years old.
Why you’re getting this: This is my Friends Newsletter. I send it to people I’ve met recently, my contacts on LinkedIn, and friends I want to keep in touch with. Feel free to unsubscribe and I won’t be offended.
Will you help me do 1 thing today?
I have a small birthday wish:
Help me create my own ‘Fake News’ page on Facebook.
Well, sort of…
I started a page called “Nick Gray News” on Facebook.
I’m going to share articles and videos I create or think are important: great book reviews, NYC tips, productivity tricks, and my quick videos.
It’s your very own, curated feed of Nick!
My birthday request:
For clarity: I’m using my birthday to guilt you.
This is all that I want for my birthday :-) 
Plus, I’m competitive.
Right now I have about 275 likes. I’d love to get it to 350.
Next newsletter will be back to regularly-scheduled cool content.
In museums we trust,
Nick Gray
Founder and CEO of Museum Hack

Cool Tools and Articles
[TOOL] Leanflix
[ARTICLE] Museum Hack: Disrupting Tours & Team-Building with Storytelling
New video: Highlights reel
My new friend Ariel made this video of me for my FB page
My new friend Ariel made this video of me for my FB page
More videos: Interviews on Facebook
I've been experimenting with a public Facebook page...
I've been experimenting with a public Facebook page...
The end.
I’ve sent out about a dozen newsletters in the past seven months.
Each issue includes cool articles and websites I’ve found.
In this issue, I’m asking you to help me on my birthday.
My birthday request:
Thank you!!
It means a lot to me.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Nick Gray

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