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Friends newsletter: Obstacle course

Nick Gray
Friends newsletter: Obstacle course
By Nick Gray • Issue #8 • View online
Hello from NYC! That’s me in the green glasses up there, Nick Gray, your friend on LinkedIn.
This is my Friends Newsletter. I send it to people I’ve met recently and friends I want to keep in touch with. Feel free to unsubscribe at the bottom and I won’t be offended.

The past two months have been a whirlwind.
Lots of travel, lots of challenges, and I’m learning what it means to be a leader and a C.E.O. of a growing business.
To anyone who is or has been a manager, parent, or coach: I have respect for what you do. I’m making plenty of mistakes in my journey as a C.E.O., but I love my job and what we’re building.
Communication is something I’ve been working on lately. My style (abrupt) and frequency (not enough) leave much to be desired, especially with a distributed and remote team. Making sure that our message and our priorities get shared to our guides and our support squad… I want to get better at that.
P.S. Museum Hack is doing great. We’re on track to double in sales and staffing this year thanks to the hard work of dozens of people on our team. Can you believe we’re almost 40 people now? And we just opened tours at the Art Institute in Chicago!
Obstacle Course // Mud Run
(img) My friend Nina Simon made me do this...
(img) My friend Nina Simon made me do this...
This past Saturday morning was the hardest I’ve worked out and the dirtiest I’ve gotten in years. My friend Nina Simon (new book!) invited me to do a road trip to Pennsylvania for a mud run obstacle course.
I made this short recap video. BONUS: Me in a Speedo.
4 Interesting Articles I Read This Month
Other Misc Cool Stuff
My Videos from Australia
In August, I spent a week in Cairns and Brisbane with Tourism & Events Queensland leading workshops about Storytelling and Tourism. I also made these two fun videos.
(img) Holding a deadly stonefish, the most popular video
(img) Holding a deadly stonefish, the most popular video
Friend Questions / Icebreakers
(image) Great questions to ask your friends at next dinner party
(image) Great questions to ask your friends at next dinner party
This list of questions is from my friend Noah Kagan is really cool! Print them out and take them to a dinner party or hangout session.
The end.
Thank you for reading!
Hit reply and say Hi, or send me cool links I should include next time.
In museums we trust,
Nick Gray
CEO and Founder of Museum Hack
p.s. Check out my most recent video on Facebook “Obstacle Course: Stuff on Fire, Mud Run, Barbed Wire” I think it’s the best short video I’ve made all year.
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Nick Gray

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