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Friends newsletter: Notebooks

Nick Gray
Friends newsletter: Notebooks
By Nick Gray • Issue #3 • View online
Good afternoon! Rainy day here in New York City.
I treated myself to a luxury: I stayed home this weekend and read through a bunch of my old notebooks.
Sneak peek of what’s inside below…

How I Use Notebooks
I almost always carry a small 3x5" notebook and pen in my back left pocket.
There is a small pile of them in my apartment now. The old notebooks look like this:
Misc notebooks from the past few months
Misc notebooks from the past few months
I write down ideas, book tips, advice, great quotes, and new things that I hear in conversation.
Writing in a notebook is much less annoying to others than typing in a phone.
It feels more present. And I won’t get distracted by pop-up notifications from my notebook, like I do when I take notes on my phone.
Whenever possible, I try to write the good things down to remember them.
Some Notes I Collected Last Month
  • Mister Selfridge, show on PBS about department store in London in early 1900s
  • “Just the Tips” is the internal name of an NYC startup’s benefits and operations newsletter. LOL
  • NYC: Y7 Yoga, The Original Hip-Hop Yoga Studio. I want to check this out sometime. via Maggie
  • Immersive paid travel for good. “Visit hundreds of impactful non-profits in 40+ countries”
  • Suggestion for marketing: Tweet at journalists instead of emailing them your pitches. via Seth
  • Roam Co-Living in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia $500/wk at a boutique hotel with “battle-tested wifi” looks cool
  • I went to a house party recently for someone’s birthday and was reminded that fresh flowers are the worst gift for a party host. Host has to open them, get a vase, trim, add water, etc. Don’t bring flowers to a house party. Bring wine or food.
  • Book rec to me: Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
  • Classy, online and mobile fundraising tool for non-profits. Just heard about them and very impressed. Staff of 140 ppl and great content marketing.
  • The Line Hotel in Los Angeles, Zach Klein says it is great.
  • SF: SoundBox and Audium are immersive shows around sound and live music, via Elaine. I want to do this next time I’m in San Francisco.
Misc photos
Museum Hack team in Philly last week for a company retreat
Museum Hack team in Philly last week for a company retreat
"Be the Hot-Dog Princess You Wish to See in the World"
"Be the Hot-Dog Princess You Wish to See in the World"
Fun: “One child has made the brave decision to shun oppressive cultural norms attached to the Disney princess industrial complex during princess day at her dance class, choosing to dress as human-sized hot dog instead.”  via Halle Tecco
The end
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"Neil Leifer pic of Ali knocking out Cleveland Williams" via @si_vault
"Neil Leifer pic of Ali knocking out Cleveland Williams" via @si_vault
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