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Friends newsletter: Museum Mile

Nick Gray
Friends newsletter: Museum Mile
By Nick Gray • Issue #25 • View online
NYC friends: this Tuesday, June 13 is the totally free Museum Mile block party. I plan to tailgate this glorious event. Come hang out! 
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Misc Personal Notes
I’m typing this en route to Toronto for 2 days of CEO coaching.
I’ve been on the ketogenic diet (low- or no-carb) for 2 months now. Most people do it for weight-loss, but I like it for time management and focus. So I eat a TON of cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, chicken, bacon, olive oil, and coconut oil.
Other things I like: reading a lot of books, going to sleep earlier (around 11pm).
I’m trying to drink decaf coffee only (and tea for caffeine) because I quickly get addicted to coffee and it makes me sleepy or low energy in the late afternoon.
Working a new attempt at Inbox Zero this week, plus helping support our team with our open jobs at Museum Hack including tour guides in NYC, LA, and Atlanta… we also want to build an Outbound Sales team and are considering a high-level hire there.
Traveling ultralight except for electronics. This trip: no laptop, but I do have a huge iPad Pro, a Kindle Paperwhite, and my iPhone Plus.
Notes coming soon from “How Will You Measure Your Life,” one of the top 3 books that I’ve read in the past 10 years. A mix of business strategy and self-development from a sober, smart author.
NYC: Museum Mile, Tues June 13th
It is absolute crazytown. And super fun.
Reply to this email if you want to come tailgate this block party with me, a bunch of friends, and some Museum Hack guides. I will add you to our private Facebook event for meetup info.
  • Fifth Avenue between 82nd Street and 105th Street gets closed down. It turns into a block party from 6pm-9pm.
  • Seven of New York City’s finest cultural institutions are all open and free to the public.
I say this is crazytown in the best of ways. The Metropolitan Museum of Art gets flooded with visitors who BYOB, yell, hoot, and holler.
My type of people, basically.
Come join us! Email me back (click reply) for info
Come join us! Email me back (click reply) for info
Washington Business Journal
Great press for us! Companies are hiring Museum Hack for team building events and storytelling workshops.
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NYC friends: This is Dennis, he is smart, come to his soccer game June 17th
NYC friends: This is Dennis, he is smart, come to his soccer game June 17th
Kingston Stockade Football Club Match
My friend Dennis Crowley is a master team builder. He started a D4, semi-pro soccer team in Kingston, NY and writes lots of great articles about startup soccer and open-source soccer
His team, the Kingston Stockade Football Club, has a match at LIU in Brooklyn on June 17 at 7 pm. Tickets are $5. 
The end.
Thanks for reading!!
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In museums we trust,
Nick Gray
Founder and CEO of Museum Hack
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Nick Gray

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