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Friends newsletter: Cold showers

Nick Gray
Friends newsletter: Cold showers
By Nick Gray • Issue #9 • View online
New stuff this week: Video from the Judd Foundation in NYC, why I take cold showers, hang with me in Brooklyn next weekend, and more.
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Great biz book: Shoe Dog
Best business book I’ve read recently: “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight about the very early days of founding Nike.
Reading this book made me feel like an insider, as if I was getting to see “behind the scenes” of the creation of something very special.
Reading this book made me feel like an insider, as if I was getting to see “behind the scenes” of the creation of something very special.
In the early 1960’s, Knight started Blue Ribbon Sports which would eventually become Nike. The book provides a great narrative of the company’s early days when they acted as a distributor for Japan’s Onitsuka Tiger Company and then started making their own shoes.
Some of my key takeaways: (read more on my blog)
  • Knight was 24 when he founded Blue Ribbon Sports. He continued to work full-time as an Accountant during the first few years, paying others but relying on his salary to help pay bills and fund the business.
  • Knight wasn’t afraid to play with his cash flows, sometimes dangerously so. It was interesting to read about some of the run-ins he had with his bankers. He was a lot more willing to take risks with his cash flows than I am at Museum Hack, and more than one time it caused him major problems.
  • Nike’s name was the creation of Jeff Johnson, the company’s first employee. I saw a bit of myself in Jeff, who could be a bit crazy and paid an obsessive amount of attention to detail. He also had a tendency to skip drinking and partying with the team in favor of reading a book in his hotel room, which made sense to me as someone who isn’t very good at staying up late.
The writing style was just so good: real, raw, honest. Recommended book! more books on my blog
4 Interesting Articles I Read
Selling the Museum Experience… to Millenials | Philanthropy Daily
The Man Who Wants to Make NY’s Art World Obsolete
Hang next weekend in Brooklyn?
I’ll be with a bunch of the Museum Hack team celebrating our friend Nina Simon for her new book launch in NYC. Come hang out! The cost is $9. It will be very cool.
Article: ZeroChaos: The Huge Company With 100,000+ Employees That You’ve Never Heard Of
For business nerds: ZeroChaos is little-known company that I’ve become interested in. They provide contract employees (or “contingent workforce solutions”) for Google, IBM, and many other large companies.
I heard about them because Museum Hack started to receive a lot of applicants for our remote positions from people who had previously worked for ZeroChaos.
I wrote up this post to collect my notes and links here. Email me if you have any intel on them!
New video: HUGE Judd House in SoHo
Last weekend I got to explore this 5-story home-museum. It is the only single-use cast iron building in Manhattan.
My favorite room: Judd's bedroom (click image for video)
My favorite room: Judd's bedroom (click image for video)
Me laying down in the Judd couch (click image for video)
Me laying down in the Judd couch (click image for video)
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Recent Museum Hack News
2016 revenues YTD are already above our entire 2015.
We’re onboarding 4 new people this week, yay!
We have a MASSIVE client project the weekend of October 8th. Stress levels will be much lower company-wide after that weekend :-) 
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