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Friends newsletter: Hi from China

This is where I was yesterday and woke up at the monastery. Lonely Planet calls Mt. Emei a “cool, misty retreat” and it appears on many top lists of things to do in China.It's 3,099m tall (10,167 feet) and is the highest of the Four Sacred Buddhist Mountains …


Friends newsletter: Warren Buffett

My most popular post on reddit, ever, with over 1000 upvotes.I read through 10 years of annual reports from Berkshire Hathaway to get this information.Both Warren Buffett and his business partner Charlie Munger often talk about how much they read.Munger is fa…


Friends newsletter: Hiring advice

When we started getting over 200 applicants per job for our Renegade Tour Guide roles, we needed a way to filter and find the best candidates quickly. This is a long article that I wrote all about how and why you should use screening questions in your hiring …


Friends newsletter: Superheroes

I went to a surprise party in Brooklyn for my friend David’s birthday last weekend. We all dressed up in costumes and snuck into his apartment. Here's my 1-minute video highlight:Watch on FacebookWatch on YouTubeWatch on my blog


Friends newsletter: Aerobie Sprint

I carry this in my backpack or briefcase at all times. Super small (smaller than you think) and lightweight. It has come in super handy for quick fun. For example, me and some of the Museum Hack team may have thrown it around at a few different museums. It ha…


Friends newsletter: Museum Mile

I'm typing this en route to Toronto for 2 days of CEO coaching.I've been on the ketogenic diet (low- or no-carb) for 2 months now. Most people do it for weight-loss, but I like it for time management and focus. So I eat a TON of cauliflower, broccoli, spinach…


Friends newsletter: Master of None

Master of None: on Netflix. Everyone is talking about how great Season 2 is and a celebration of New York City.Two episodes of note, via Ramit Sethi: Parent episode from S1, and Ode to New York from S2.


Friends newsletter: Good recent business articles

Question: Any suggestions about what I could write about? Hit reply and let me know....


Friends newsletter: Middle of the ocean

Last night I juggled on stage for 1,000 people. This morning I surfed an artificial wave hundreds of miles from land. Hello from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.I’m writing this on Sunday evening after 8 straight days at sea on a transatlantic cruise ship. W…


Friends newsletter: Transatlantic cruise

"The Sideways Dictionary project uses analogies to explain technology. Here’s one to describe API: “It’s like a LEGO brick." I can feel my mind expanding."via one of my favorite newsletters, RecomendoThis is a helpful resource for non-tech savvy learners. Exa…


Friends newsletter: Respectful memes

This might help you be more productive:Video on Facebook: Productivity Hack w/Post-It NotesVideo on YouTube: Productivity Hack w/Post-It NotesIt can be easy to get overwhelmed when you are staring down a big to-do list. So I make this little system with Post-…


Friends newsletter: Drew Barrymore

Highly recommended. Deep thinking for life planning. Surprisingly full of business case studies and corporate information. I loved it.


Friends newsletter: My favorite things at home

The Minimums guys came over and did a photoshoot at my apartment. Their site is described as "The most interesting possessions of the world’s most interesting people." (blush) Here are some of my favorites.


Friends newsletter: Books and birthday parties

Is getting ripped worth it? by Timothy Williams, via Ramit SethiIt’s all who you know? by Derek Sivers -- Great read, inspirationalBill Campbell: The Secret Coach, by Jennifer Reingold


Friends newsletter: wow Chicago Tribune

It is a crowded Thursday night at the Art Institute of Chicago. One tour group after another strolls through the impressionism and post-impressionism galleries, hopping from Monet to Manet and making the obligatory long stop at the "Grand Jatte" island.Sarah …


Friends newsletter: My 1 best museum pro-tip

I've been to over 200 museums around the world.And I've given hundreds of private tours with my company Museum Hack.I know what happens when most people try to visit a big new museum by themselves: they get overwhelmed, they quickly become tired, and then the…


Friends newsletter: Sunday reading

The Unknown Billionaires: There are over 1,500 billionaires in the world. This book picks 50 of them, many I had never heard of, and profiles each in a short essay. Easy to read and interesting.


Friends newsletter: Today's my birthday

I've sent out about a dozen newsletters in the past seven months.(See past issues here.)Each issue includes cool articles and websites I've found.In this issue, I'm asking you to help me on my birthday.My birthday request:Please like and share my new page on …


Friends newsletter: Cruising

Know a great Sales Manager, or VP of Sales, or Sales Director?Be a super-hero: please forward them this email!I'd love their advice about how I should be recruiting for this role:Museum Hack is looking for an ambitious seller with 3-5 years selling experience…


Friends newsletter: Is Landmark a scam?

Do you know a great Sales Manager? Someone who loves cold calls, wants a leadership position at a great company, and maybe lives sorta near NYC? (Can be Philly, New Jersey, etc) I am a little stressed because this is such an important hire for us next year.Mu…