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"Unless you’re a sociopath, being happy is better than being rich"

"Unless you’re a sociopath, being happy is better than being rich"
By Niall Maher • Issue #45 • View online
“People are frugal in guarding their personal property; but as soon as it comes to squandering time, they are most wasteful of the one thing in which it is right to be stingy.” — Seneca

I’ve recently been reading How I built This by Guy Raz, and one story helped me describe how I felt about taking risks.
Could you make over $600,000 a year and drop it all to go and brew beer?
In 1984, Jim Koch left his job earning over $600,000 (with a clear path to make much more) and started brewing beer.
Now, it wasn’t as random as you think.
Jim Koch is a sixth-generation beer maker. 
Even then, there wasn’t much confidence in the beer industry then.
When he told his father he left his job to start his brewery, he was told it was “the dumbest fucking thing he’d ever done.”
His father had watched the decline of craft brewers in America…
When his father left brewmaster’s school in 1948, there were almost a thousand breweries in the United States, but 36 years later, that had fallen to fifty!
For most people, this move from a clear path of wealth to a business with all the odds stacked against you would push you to stay in that job. Some would even say it’s dangerous.
But Jim thought much differently…
Staying at my job, that was dangerous but not scary. The danger was continuing to do something the didn’t make me happy and getting to sixty-five years old and looking back and going, ‘Oh my God, I wasted my life’. - How I built This
And what advice does Jim have for people starting businesses?
When you think about starting a business, try to find one that you think will make you happy. Because the chances it is going to make you rich are really pretty small, but the chances it will make you happy are pretty big,” Koch said. “And what would you rather be? Happy or rich? You know, unless you’re a sociopath, you’d rather be happy. - CNBC
Aim to be happy…
I can see a trend of founders building their businesses around their lives rather than their businesses and focusing on their happiness, fulfillment, and health.
Let’s hope this trend continues to grow.
The Boston Beer Company now produces more than 60 different kinds of beers and exports them worldwide. In 2021 the revenue reported was more than $2 billion!
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