By Niall Maher

Thinking Clearly: Can Music Help?



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Thinking Clearly: Can Music Help?
By Niall Maher • Issue #24 • View online
“Get back up when you fail. Celebrate behaving like a human."— Marcus Aurelius

I read two weeks ago that baroque music can enhance focus.
So I’ve been trying it myself to see if it’s helped, and it seems better for me when trying to get into that focused zone.
I usually write, code and work with LoFi beats, so it was an easy change.
But it’s not just me; in this article reporting research on the effects for working radiologists, over half of them reported a positive impact.
I’ve found lists of articles linking to similar research, so a quick google will take you down a deep rabbit hole (and sure, you might as well listen to some baroque as you read).
But does it really help? 
Well, the more I read, the more conflicting studies I found.
And it all came down to it depends on the person.
So my advice would be to experiment and see what works for you.
I found this fantastic video which summarised a lot of the hypotheses around the subject with some practical advice:
Should You Study with Music? | The Science-Backed Verdict
Should You Study with Music? | The Science-Backed Verdict
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End ❤️
I’m typing this one from my hotel room in Amsterdam.
Over the last week, I attended Dublin Tech Summit, JS Nation and React Summit (and you should see how much swag I got).
Here’s a picture of the afterparty of the last one:
Nerds know how to party...
Nerds know how to party...
That’s all for this week, have a great week ahead, and I’ll chat with you next week! 👋
If you want to say hello or get in touch, you can always reply to this email. 💌
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