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Stop self-selecting out of opportunities!

Stop self-selecting out of opportunities!
By Niall Maher • Issue #38 • View online
“One day, you will wake up, and there won’t be any more time to do the thing you’ve always wanted.” - Paulo Coelho

Stop self-selecting out of opportunities!
So many people see a dream job, a life, a dream girl or a guy, and before they even get close, they say, “no, that’s not for me; that’s for other people.” 
“I’m not smart enough.”
“I’m not experienced enough.”
“In a few years, that’s what I will do!”
But why? 
Yes, you know all of your flaws (of some which you have fabricated in your head), but the fun part is nobody else does. 
If you dream of a promotion, asking that guy out, or are generally frustrated with your progress, you have to start sometime.
Why not try today?
Yes, you will fail, but you will also surprise yourself.
It’s an overused quote, but it’s true; “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. 
I made significant steps in my career early and quickly by showing up for interviews for which I was sure I was unqualified. 
I went in with the attitude of “let’s see what they ask a Senior Engineer,” and then I could learn that.
But something extraordinary started happening.
I got offers.
That gave me the confidence to reach for larger opportunities than I would have usually self-selected myself from and take much more significant steps towards my greater goals. 
Do it today.
Don’t just read this and get a momentary confidence boost; live it!
You will hit plenty of no’s, bumps and bruises on the way, but the occasional yes for something we didn’t think was possible will make it all worth it, I promise. 
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