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No-code with Noloco, Product Market Fit and Startup School

No-code with Noloco, Product Market Fit and Startup School
By Niall Maher • Issue #21 • View online
“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” – Seneca

Free Startup Course by YC! 🎉
YC is hosting a live, 7-week startup school which will include:
  • live talks and Q&A over Zoom with YC partners
  • live founder talks from successful YC alumni (including a remote tour of the Boom supersonic jet hangar)
  • integrated co-founder matching
  • weekly video calls with peers (we’ll bring back group sessions and introduce a new type of networking event)
  • in-person founder talks & meetups at 30+ YC alumni offices worldwide!
It’s free to attend. Registration: 
Startup School - The Best Online Resource for Founders
Podcast 🎧
This week’s podcast guest was a handsome fella called Simon Curran.
He is a founder and the CEO of an app building platform called Noloco.
Try Noloco here
Noloco helps you instantly create customer portals, partner apps and internal tools from your air table or Google sheets.
Noloco has one of the most beautiful and simple interfaces on the market for building a data driven app with no code.
Simon and his cofounder Darragh have recently been through Y Combinator and look like they are going from strength to strength as they build their team.
I’d check out this week’s episode here to get some insights. 😉
Or on Spotify:
Upcoming networking event in Dublin! 🤝
Next month, my community (Codú Community) is hosting an in-person event. Sign up here and get a free t-shirt from OfferZen!
You don’t have to be technical to join us. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with some of the best developers in Dublin.
Web Developer - Networking Event - FREE T-SHIRTS ❤️, Thu, Jun 9, 2022, 6:00 PM | Meetup
Blog picks 🎯
App of the week🗓
It should go without saying but you should definitely check out Noloco to instantly create customer portals, partner apps & internal tools from your Airtable or Google Sheets.
Noloco - Instantly create apps powered by your business data.
End ❤️
That’s all for this week, have a great week ahead, and I’ll chat with you next week! 👋
If you want to say hello or get in touch you can always reply to this email. 💌
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