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Micro-startups, how to remember what you read and more...

Micro-startups, how to remember what you read and more...
By Niall Maher • Issue #32 • View online
“No amount of anxiety makes any difference to anything that is going to happen.” - Alan Watts

I have got a new hobby…
Endless hours spent on places like MicroAcquire and Producthunt looking at some of the exciting startups that pop up daily.
One thing that I see more and more is this new wave of “micro-startups.”
A micro startup is a small business that typically has a team of fewer than 5 employees.
These businesses are often focused on developing new technologies or ideas, and they typically have limited resources.
While micro startups may have limited resources, they can still be incredibly successful.
Given their nimble size and focus on innovation, these businesses are well-positioned to develop breakthrough products and services.
But more importantly, they often purposefully keep small to make sure they can live around their business and not just live for it.
In a world where people brag about the number of employees and the infinite hours they work, maybe the micro startup is the antidote.
Imagine if the key to a fulfilling career was not creating and scaling new start-ups but rather being able to work for yourself in your own hours?
If you want to dive deeper into the idea of purposefully staying small, one great book on the topic is Company of One by Paul Jarvis.
Company of One by Paul Jarvis
Company of One by Paul Jarvis
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