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Mental Models, Time hacks and Lego Apps

Mental Models, Time hacks and Lego Apps
By Niall Maher • Issue #33 • View online
“No man is free who cannot control himself.” - Pythagoras

What are mental models?
Mental models are how we understand the world.
They shape what you think and how to reason, and mental models also affect your connections and opportunities in life by shaping which things matter more than others.
Mental models help us understand how things work and, most importantly, aid in creating better decisions.
That is if we have solid mental models grounded in reality.
The tools of Titans
Some of the world’s wealthiest people rely on mental models. In interviews, Charlie Munger, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos have all praised how having clear mental models allows them to adapt to new areas quickly.
Charlie Munger: Mental Models for the Rest of Your Life
Charlie Munger: Mental Models for the Rest of Your Life
Getting started
We can begin to think more clearly by learning new mental models explicitly. And to quote my favorite mental model resource:
The more models you have—the bigger your toolbox—the more likely you are to have the right models to see reality. It turns out that when it comes to improving your ability to make decisions variety matters. - Farnam Street on Mental Models
When you have a big decision, having a toolbox of mental models to reason with will make you more confident in your choices.
I would definitely recommend getting started by reading the core mental models in this article on the Farnam Street blog.
Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (~100 Models Explained) - Farnam Street
Once you have gotten started, it becomes an exercise of practice.
I still re-read and re-learn these models repeatedly, as I know I am a novice when it comes to pulling these mental models to the front of my mind when I need them.
But I think the ones that I have managed to grasp have already significantly impacted how I solve problems, especially when it comes to subjects I am not an expert on.
What I've been reading 📖
App/Site of the week 🗓
Brickit — the new life of your good old Lego bricks
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