By Niall Maher

Lessons in Product from an Irish Unicorn | Podcast w/ Chris Dermody



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Lessons in Product from an Irish Unicorn | Podcast w/ Chris Dermody
By Niall Maher • Issue #14 • View online
“Be stubborn on vision but flexible on details.” – Jeff Bezos

Unicorns in business are rare,
even rarer here in Ireland where I am based.
This week’s guest is from Flipdish, Ireland’s fifth homegrown unicorn.
That guest is Head of Product, Chris Dermody.
Chris has been there since there were around a dozen developers, he talks about what it takes to be successful as both a team and an individual within his role at Flipdish. 
You can check out the whole episode here.
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From Startup to Unicorn - Product Management at Flipdish
I’ve gotten many messages from founders who found the episode really useful, and one thing I took for granted really seemed to resonate with a lot of folks.
Prototyping ideas on Figma (or any design tool) before building them in code (or whatever medium you are using).
Prototyping and testing our ideas in a design tool is always faster than coding/building a demo (even if you have ninja coding skills like me 💅).
With a simple prototype, no matter the stage of your business, you can first check whether it is feasible (can we build this thing) and, just as if not more important, talk to customers (do they need the thing).
We always want to make sure what we build is valuable, usable and feasible.
You can take that prototype and get feedback from current users, potential users and/or former users.
I’ve seen founders lose months, even years of work by optimistically thinking their idea is perfect without testing it and pouring thousands of euros/dollars/moneys into the hopeless model of “build it, and they will come”.
Fail fast and fail often is much easier when you test your ideas daily before committing to the much more significant investment of time and cash on the actual build.
The added bonus of prototyping and talking to people is that you will also have much greater confidence in your success and a framework for building a rock-solid product roadmap.
If you’ve never done a prototype test before, check out this great article written by Marty Cagan to give you a rapid crash course. 
Blog picks
What I am reading this week
I’m a massive fan of the content by Intercom, and this week I picked up “Intercom on Starting up”.
Intercom on Starting up
Intercom on Starting up
I’m about half way through it but really enjoying it so far!
That’s all for this week, stay safe, and I’ll chat with you next week, my beautiful friends! 👋
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