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Find investors! 23 databases. 220k+ investors. 100% free! 💸

Find investors! 23 databases. 220k+ investors. 100% free! 💸
By Niall Maher • Issue #16 • View online
“The present is all we have to live in. Or to lose.” - Marcus Aurelius

Twitter sometimes provides absolute goldmines of knowledge.
I’m not a fan of most of the useless 🧵 that pop up everywhere on Twitter, but this week Steph Nass had one of the most valuable tweets I’ve found in a long time.
Show Steph Nass some love if you are on Twitter for this fantastic compilation of investors and resources.👇
Steph Nass
We've built THE list of VC lists.

23 databases. 220k+ investors. 100% free.

Please like + RT this tweet to help a founder out.

Aaaand... here we go 👇
Steph is the founder of OpenVC where you can find “the best VC list for cold outreach”, so he is knee-deep in this information.
Here’s a list they will update, so bookmark this link:
Blog picks
Feel good from Reddit ❤️
My 98 year old grandma has been making me birthday cards for years. This one is the most plain of them all, but meant the most.
Original link here.
That’s all for this week, stay awesome, and I’ll chat with you next week, my beautiful friends! 👋
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