By Niall Maher

3 Marketing Courses You Can Take for FREE



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3 Marketing Courses You Can Take for FREE
By Niall Maher • Issue #43 • View online
“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” - Aldous Huxley.

Back in Issue 41 I tried to convince you to spend an hour learning something new daily. This week’s email is based on some of the things I have in my backlog.
I suck at marketing…
Without having built a large network on Twitter and LinkedIn, I don’t think anyone would see the things I work on.
So this week, I went down a rabbit hole to see how I could fill this blind spot of mine instead of thrashing around as I work on marketing an Open Source project and community of mine.
These are the ones I found with the highest praise on the internet! 
Brand Management: Aligning Business, Brand and Behaviour
Fundamentals of digital marketing
Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
The three courses above are free, but during my research, I also stumbled across a fast-growing education startup with a tonne of content called Maven
Maven: Expert-led. Peer-driven. Hello, live learning.
If you find learning alone challenging and want to have some peers, Maven is made for you!  
Maven uses Cohort-based learning
Cohort-based learning is an educational approach in which a group of learners moves together through a course or series of classes.
App/Site of the week 🗓
Read Something Great
What I've been reading 📖
End ❤️
Is there something you would like help with, or do you have an idea for some content I should write?
Well, then reply to this email! I’m always looking for ways to deliver maximum value to YOU!
That’s all for this week, have a great week ahead, and I’ll chat with you next week! 👋
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