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Unworthy graduate

Unworthy graduate
By Ngoiri Migwi • Issue #17 • View online
Hey friends,
A few weeks ago I sat for what I believe was the most difficult Political Science exam I have encountered in my academic journey. I should point out that the unit itself was not difficult-the concepts were relatively easy to understand and we had a great lecturer. What was difficult was getting into the exam room and realizing that I only had a surface level understanding of the said ‘easy concepts’. For instance, these two questions:
African countries need more trade among themselves than foreign aid from outside Africa to overcome their economic and developmental challenges. Discuss
Using the case of a specific past presidential election in Africa suggest ways of improving election monitoring on the continent.
While these questions appear relatively easy to answer I had no more to say than a couple of sentences and nothing worth 20 marks or to put it more succinctly to be a graduate worth making or suggesting policy changes. I figured that all I had been doing in class was the bare minimum-attending, taking notes, asking mediocre questions and hugging boys.
What is amusing is that you will often find me going through twitter with a fine comb bashing politicians for their irrelevant and unschooled opinions, yet quite certainly on this exam day it dawned on me that I have few if any worthwhile solutions to our country’s most pressing problems. I can’t quite explain the disappointment that I felt in myself but I have vowed to give myself another shot as I start my final school year. Last week I picked up Dead Aid by Dambisa Moyo to start exploring answers to the first question. I hope to report to you my findings soon.
Have a great week ahead!

Interesting Stuff This Week
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Article- A few weeks ago I wrote a story about how my Sundays used to run preCOVID19. If you have not had a chance to look at it, I think you should.
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Book-I think every African should read this book.
Qusoma Library & Bookshop Dead aid -Dambisa Moyo
Notes to keep
To the Excellencies and officials of Europe: We suffer enormously in Africa. Help us. We have problems in Africa. We lack rights as children. We have war and illnesses, we lack food… We want to study, we ask you to help us to study so we can be like you.
-Message found on the bodies of Guinean teenagers Yanguine Koita and Fode Tounkara, stowaways who died in attempting to reach Europe in the landing gear of an airliner.(Extracted from the book, Dead Aid, by Dambisa Moyo.
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