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Underdogs and the Battle of Vimy Ridge

Underdogs and the Battle of Vimy Ridge
By Ngoiri Migwi • Issue #16 • View online
Hey friends,
Last week I came across an inflection point in history that I thought was worth sharing. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was one of the most noteworthy territorial advancements in World War I. In months preceding the capture of Vimy Ridge, the German army and Allied forces remained stuck in a deadlock. Both sides were losing their men, and the war was nowhere close to an end.
In a plan to end this impasse, French and British troops devised a two-fold plan to overpower Germans. In the first part of the plan, the French forces attacked German troops from Aisne River. As the troops fled, British forces aided by Canadian troops were to capture the Vimy Ridge, one of the highest points in the war, thus executing the second part of the plan.
On 9th April 1917, in a war that began at 5: 30 a.m in the morning, Canadian forces captured Vimy Ridge. The ridge was of strategic importance as from its top anyone could easily see the war and gain control of it. This battle was the first occasion when Canadian forces fought together, becoming a symbol of Canadian national achievement and sacrifice. In a twist of events, this victory marked the start of Canadians’ push for freedom from Britain.
This story made me think of the many times underdogs win. Mostly they do because they refuse to compete by the same standards as their opponent. Yet again, underdogs often forget the importance of their small and significant victories, which is to propel them to be top dogs. I hope as you go through life, you learn to keep stock of your underdog wins.
Have a great week ahead!

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