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Just start

Just start
By Ngoiri Migwi • Issue #15 • View online
Hey friends,
As a classic over-thinker, I often spend hours on google searching for the best programming language to learn, the best blogging tool, or the best course to learn Coursera. Then I spend another couple of days reading reviews until I am thousands of comments deep. While I have always attributed this to my perfectionism and analytical nature, I have also discovered that it is my way of avoiding doing or even starting the actual work. Big tasks are daunting for me as they for most people, and I would rather spend hours scouring the internet than do the actual work.
Strange as it seems, this is a problem with many serial procrastinators and people in general. I often get tens of social media DMs asking on how to start a blog, and while I try my best to give answers, actionable steps, and even helpful links, a few months down, only a few of those people end up starting their blogs. The answers behind most of the questions we tend to ask are often simple. For example, I suspect the question that inherently clouds many of the people who ask how they can start their blog is how they can get as many people to read their blog or how they can earn lots of money. While the internet and various bloggers may present you with hundreds of answers for these questions, the answer is pretty simple; start a blog and churn out good content consistently!
This advice applies to questions such as how do I save more money. While there are many ways, such as some that I wrote about in this article, the simple concept is to spend less than you earn. How do you lose weight? Burn more calories than you consume. The idea here is to get started and continuously improve along the way. Starting a blog on a platform such as Wordpress is free, and it would take you 10 minutes to set one up. Working out just requires you to have a tiny space, and off you go and saving only requires you to put aside the money that you intended to buy for new clothes that you may not need!
If you are keen on starting a blog and still think you’d rather do it the fancy way, you may click on this link to get your first domain from Truehost for Ksh 499 and free hosting.
Have a great week ahead!

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Notes to keep
When we try to change our lifestyle, we put our courage to the test.
-Fumitake Koga and Ichoro Kishimi-The Courage to be Disliked.
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