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A lesson from Rick and Morty

A lesson from Rick and Morty
By Ngoiri Migwi • Issue #28 • View online
Hey friends
Now that I am getting to the tail end of school life, things are getting harder with multiple assignments, project work, a looming exam coming up in a couple of weeks and of course the pandemic isn’t making things easier. So it is safe to say that I am oscillating between intense burn out and panic mode.
About two weeks ago something interesting happened. My friend graduated first class with an engineering degree. I called him to say congratulations and to say how proud I was of him since I was quite sure the 5 years were not an easy feat. In a rejoinder, he asked me whether
anita gaitho

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Notes to keep
Anita Gaitho
Can I start a Law degree at 31 or it will send me to an early grave?
Waigoko Kimengemenge
@SiriStudioAnita @maktejah_ A law degree will take you 3-4 years to be done. You can either choose to be a 35-year-old with a law degree or a 35-year-old without a law degree.
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