Voodoo and Sculptures - This Week's NFT Schedule #10



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Weekly NFT Schedule
Weekly NFT Schedule
Hey everyone! This week we have some of my favourite drops so far. I feel like a lot of these collections have really cool and unique art so I hope you find something you like!

1. Woolly Guys
Drop Time: Mon, Nov 22nd 7:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.5 SOL
Piece Count: 1,337
Woolly Guys is an NFT pixel collection of 1,337 mammoths. They plan on offering giveaways, games, leader boards and much more to help create a strong community around the project. They also place a heavy emphasis on the DAO, which they have already listened to and released trading card concepts for.
2. Amazing Women
Drop Time: Mon, Nov 22nd 9:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.04 ETH
Piece Count: 5,000
Amazing Women is an NFT collection consisting of 5,000 unique female characters which were also designed by a female artist. There is considerable variation in the designs, with lots of different traits. The roadmap consists of multiple giveaways, along with holders randomly being selected each month to receive a share of the secondary sales.
3. Voodoo City
Drop Time: Tue, Nov 23rd 1:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.055 ETH
Piece Count: 6,666
Voodoo City is a collection of creepy voodoo NFTs. Each NFT is very unique with many different traits, ensuring that no two are alike. They have an extensive roadmap with plans to release games, hold tournaments and airdrop NFTs to holders.
4. Sea Demons
Drop Time: Tue, Nov 23rd 11:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.04 ETH
Piece Count: 6,999
Sea Demons is an NFT collection with a really unique art style. The project offers a variety of benefits such as royalties, giveaways, contests, future airdrops and much more. They already have plans to develop the storyline further with the addition of new species that will be available to holders for free.
5. Painture Gallery
Drop Time: Thu, Nov 25th 6:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.99 SOL
Piece Count: 780
Painture Gallery is a deflationary NFT collection of paintings and sculptures. The project revolves around the concept of combining sculptures, paintings and AI to create unique results. They are going to be launching a game, a 3D virtual gallery and have more drops in the future.
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Weekly NFT Schedule
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