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Spooky Ghosts and Comedy Clubs - This Week's NFT Schedule #3

Weekly NFT Schedule
Weekly NFT Schedule
Last week was crazy for NFTs as more and more people move into the space! This week looks to be quite similar as we have a lot of amazing drops. I hope everyone can snag an NFT from their favourite mint, good luck and enjoy!

1. Pug Force
Drop Time: Wed, Oct 6th 3:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.077 ETH
Piece Count: 10,000
Pug Force is an NFT collection surrounding an army of adorable peacekeeping pugs who aim to protect all of the citizens of Pugville. The collection is intended to be linked with a game further along the roadmap, where holders will also gain extra benefits and access to mint additional things for free.
2. Ethereals
Drop Time: Thu, Oct 7th 7:21 am UTC
Mint Price: 0.0678 ETH
Piece Count: 12,345
Ethereals is an NFT collection of randomly generated, interdimensional ghosts. They are hand-drawn with a classic style of artwork and come in a wide range of unique combinations. The roadmap includes things such as real-life meetups and charitable donations.
3. Little Ninjas Dojo
Drop Time: Thu, Oct 7th 7:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.0333 ETH
Piece Count: 3,333
Little Ninjas Dojo is an NFT collection of programmatically generated little ninjas. They have over 90 total, leading to a large number of possible combinations which is limited at just 3,333 NFTs. The roadmap consists of giveaways, charitable donations and further airdrops down the line.
4. Beaver Crafter Club*
Drop Time: Thu, Oct 7th 10:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.08 ETH
Piece Count: 10,000
Beaver Crafter Club has 10.000 unique ERC721 tokens in the blockchain to use their own gaming Metaverse, handmade design by their team, and randomly generated. They are planning on building long-term trust, DAO, and a social simulation video game as a playground for our community.
5. Krypto Gangsters
Drop Time: Fri, Oct 8th 7:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.08 ETH
Piece Count: 10,200
Krypto Gangsters is an NFT collection of randomly generated gangsters. What makes this project unique is that they are planning on creating their own cryptocurrency in conjunction with their NFT drop. This is a key part of the roadmap as they build out both parts of the project over time.
6. The Hooligans
Drop Time: Sat, Oct 9th 9:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.06 ETH
Piece Count: 9,999
The Hooligans is a retro-style NFT collection inspired by classic video games. There are over 600 different unique features that each avatar may have, creating a large number of possible combinations. In the future, the collection is planned to link directly to a video game that holders can play.
7. The Bull Herd
Drop Time: Sat, Oct 9th 10:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 2 SOL
Piece Count: 10,000
The Bull Herd is an NFT collection of 10,000 rambunctious bovines with a 50-50 split of males and females. The different genders grant the holders different perks in the community. The project includes a breeding mechanism, allowing holders with male and female bulls to mate and produce a calf.
8. Silly Goose Comedy Club
Drop Time: Sun, Oct 10th 9:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.05 ETH
Piece Count: 5,000
Silly Goose Comedy Club is a limited NFT collection of cartoon geese that provides holders membership to the comedy club. Each of the geese has a variety of humorous traits, with only 5,000 being created. They also plan on providing holders with a free Angry Goose once they have fully sold out.
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Weekly NFT Schedule
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