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Own an NFT Apartment - This Week's NFT Schedule #8

Weekly NFT Schedule
Weekly NFT Schedule
Another awesome week of NFT drops! Good luck and I hope you find something you like!

1. Ape Watch Club
Drop Time: Mon, Nov 8th 2:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.39 SOL
Piece Count: 3,999
Ape Watch Club is a collection of 3D luxury watch NFTs that are on the arms of apes. The project has a deep storyline and in-depth metaverse to immerse holders. They plan to release a comic book, real-world treasure hunt and a play-to-earn game.
2. Elementals4Fusion
Drop Time: Mon, Nov 8th 5:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 1 SOL
Piece Count: 10,000
Elementals4Fusion is a fun NFT turn-based card game that was inspired by traditional card games. It is play-to-earn with the ability to use cards to battle and win prizes. Cards can also be fused to form hybrid elements.
3. Bored Girlfriends
Drop Time: Tue, Nov 9th 9:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.08 ETH
Piece Count: 10,000
Bored Girlfriends is an NFT collection of 10,000 uniquely generated girlfriends. The art style is quite unique for the NFT space, with the images looking similar to real-life paintings. They are giving away over $50,000 to minters, along with airdropping free NFTs.
4. MiniMecha
Drop Time: Thu, Nov 11th 5:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 2 SOL
Piece Count: 10,000
MiniMecha is a collection of unique anime mech NFTs. Each holder will have access to a play-to-earn game being released in the future which includes battling, forging, strategies and trading. The NFTs are generated from 180 hand-drawn mech parts, creating a wide range of possible combinations.
5. SolTowers
Drop Time: Sat, Nov 13th 6:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.3 SOL
Piece Count: 2,000
SolTowers allows you to acquire a building NFT with your own apartments. Each tower will have apartments inside where you can display your NFTs, decorate them and provide you with access to the investors club. You will also be able to rent out apartments to other people with the income being shared between the tower and apartment owner.
6. SolToasts
Drop Time: Sun, Nov 14th 6:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.2 SOL
Piece Count: 1,500
SolToasts is an NFT collection consisting of toast with various costumes and accessories. They have been generated from over a billion different combinations with varying rarity levels. The project has a ‘toast eater’ in which 5% of the royalties will go towards buying and burning SolToasts from the floor.
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Weekly NFT Schedule
Weekly NFT Schedule @nftschedule

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