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Mafia Cats & Vibrant Avatars - This Week's NFT Schedule #2

Weekly NFT Schedule
Weekly NFT Schedule
Welcome back to the second week of the NFT Schedule newsletter! I would like to personally thank all of our new subscribers who have come from Product Hunt, I sincerely hope you enjoy your first issue of the newsletter. Without further adue, here are the upcoming NFT drops for this week.

1. Eternal Royals
Drop Time: Tue, Sep 28th 6:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.07 ETH
Piece Count: 9,224
Eternal Royals is an NFT collection surrounding Kings and Queens who have refined their status and wealth over centuries. The art style is very detailed and reminiscent of traditional paintings. The project is trying to make a link between NFTs and real-world art by offering the ability to purchase physical prints of your NFT, as well as providing free prints to people that hold enough NFTs.
2. Tropical Turtles
Drop Time: Tue, Sep 28th 6:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.035 ETH
Piece Count: 10,000
Tropical Turtles is an upbeat and playful NFT collection with a variety of turtles. There are a range of characteristics that the turtles may have, creating many possible combinations. The roadmap includes giveaways and billboard advertising.
3. Bullish Llama
Drop Time: Wed, Sep 28th 11:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.07 ETH
Piece Count: 10,000
Bullish Llama is an NFT collection of llama avatars targeted at people who believe in a crypto future. There are over 160 different elements that each llama could have, creating a wide range of possible combinations. The project also offers a dedicated app to view all of your llamas in one place.
4. Caring Creatures
Drop Time: Wed, Sep 29th 8:20 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.07 ETH
Piece Count: 9,999
Caring Creatures is a vibrant NFT collection with an incredibly unique art style. The art takes inspiration from various forms of traditional art, with a modern touch to it. The roadmap places a heavy emphasis on giving back to the world and the environment with a significant amount of the proceeds going to charity.
5. Yakuza Cats Society
Drop Time: Thu, Sep 30th 4:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.0893 ETH
Piece Count: 8,930
Yakuza Cats Society is an old-school comic-style NFT project surrounding cats that are members of the Japanese mafia. It has a really unique style and a cool backstory that is sure to draw people in. Lots of different components are based on Yakuza history, even going down to the mint number of mint price.
6. Magic Dust Miners
Drop Time: Thu, Sep 30th 11:00 pm UTC
Mint Price: 0.05 ETH
Piece Count: 11,111
Magic Dust Miners is a pixel avatar NFT collection made by the creators of ‘Magic Dust’, a chat mining cryptocurrency system. The NFTs come in a wide array of styles and all of them are incredibly unique. They have a solid community behind them and are likely to be quite popular.
Thank you so much for reading our weekly newsletter! I hope you liked it and I hope it provided some helpful information. You’ll be hearing from us again in a week! Make sure to check out our other platforms:
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Weekly NFT Schedule
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