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NFT Rebels podcast launch

NFT Rebels podcast launch
By Ani Alexander • Issue #15 • View online

It’s been an intense and exciting 10 days… falling down a new rabbit hole.
I spent a lot of time digging the NFT space and speaking to people who directly contribute to it: NFT artists, project founders, NFT collectors, Apes, Bulls, and many others… People whom I mostly met on Twitter Spaces and who are very friendly, welcoming, and supportive!
It all started from an idea that I had for a project/startup and in order to clarify and polish it further as well as validate I got into the NFT space…
Well, to keep it short I will only say that the original idea changed so much as a result that there is almost nothing left from it… but with each new interaction and conversation, I got even more ideas. And now I have so many of them flying in my head I still wonder how are they even fitting in there!
So I decided to take action instead of spending more weeks researching and take it one step at a time.
And the first step is: niche-ing down and re-branding the Crypto Talks podcast.
As a result - welcome to the brand new NFT Rebels!
What’s gonna stay the same?
  • NFT Rebels, just like my previous podcasts will be live-streamed on my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Conversations, as always will be completely unscripted and raw and I will be picking the guests to make sure that the episodes bring value.
  • Later, just as before the streams will be turned into an audio podcast and short show notes/blogs posts here on Substack.
What’s gonna be different?
  • The audience I will be doing this for will be niched down to predominantly creators in the NFTs space.
  • Most of the live streams will be followed by Twitter Space sessions, where the audience will have the chance to directly interact with the guests and participate in the NFT Rebels “afterparty”.
Don’t wanna watch or speak?
No problem - you can subscribe to the audio podcast below!
Tomorrow at 5:00 PM London time is our first episode
Below are my guests: talented and rebel dad and daughter duo!
I will have my youngest guest - she’s only 5 years old!!!
You can watch the live stream on my Twitter’s profile or Linkedin.
Right after the episode at 6:00 PM London time you can jump on Twitter Spaces for the afterparty.
Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow. Let the new journey start!
And let the new fall down the rabbit hole continue.
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Ani Alexander

Observations about the NFT space: projects, crypto artists, NFT online communities, etc + conversations with NFT rebels.
A place where technology, creativity, education, and the unpredictable meet each other.
Real talk, real-life and raw emotions.

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