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Almost Holidays!

Almost Holidays!
By Ani Alexander • Issue #26 • View online

It’s been a while I know…
I definitely need to get more disciplined and make sure to send the newsletter weekly… maybe one of those New Year resolutions to make?
Holidays are almost here and although I am certain the NFT space never stops and we all have FOMO I still hope that you’ll get a chance to take some time off and spend some time with friends and family, reflect on your life, strategise and of course create!
I am experimenting with Procreate and this is one of the first try so be kind :)
I am experimenting with Procreate and this is one of the first try so be kind :)
The Twitter algorythm seems to hate me so am dropping here few things that you might have missed.
Last week I interviewed Stellabelle - a true OG who’s been creating way before many of us got into this space.
Below is the replay of our livestream, but if you prefer to listen to NFT Rebels instead make sure you subscribe to the podcast on your preferred platform and I will drop it there soon (psssst I have awesome guests lined up already for the next year).
NFT Rebels episode: Public domain NFT projects with @stellabelle
I am also doing a poll about whether NFT Rebels should come back with regular Twitter Spaces from January, so if you’d like to vote, please do so… although it looks like it should come back based on the votes so far…
Regular NFT Rebels Twitter Spaces anyone?
I am also super excited about a new collab drop coming very soon. This one will be quite different but this time too with an amazingly talented artist, so stay tuned!
Other than that, I’d like to wish you amazing new year ahead full of new creative projects, awesome collectors that appreciate your art and bright future where you will do what you love full time.

Happy Sunday!

Now that I’ve seen your faces - show me your Christmas trees! 🎄
WGMI - just never give up and keep pushing forward!
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