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By Ani Alexander

$120k from a Music NFT Collectible

NFT Rebels


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$120k from a Music NFT Collectible
By Ani Alexander • Issue #25 • View online
GN everyone!
Hope you all are doing well. It’s close to midnight but I wanted to ship this overdue issue before wrapping up the day.
In today’s episode Nifty Sax and me discuss
  • Music NFTs
  • the importance of the NFT community
  • How did he make $120k from a music NFT collectible
  • overnight success
  • what to do when you feel discouraged
Please find the NFT Rebels episode below:

Nifty Sax
Nifty Sax
If you prefer to listen instead you can check the link below.
$120k from a Music NFT Collectible - NFT Rebels
And maybe you will be seeing this in the morning…
In which case: GM
GM #NFT Rebels!


And have a great week!
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Ani Alexander

Observations about the NFT space: projects, crypto artists, NFT online communities, etc + conversations with NFT rebels.
A place where technology, creativity, education, and the unpredictable meet each other.
Real talk, real-life and raw emotions.

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