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🤬 NEXTREALITY - The latest in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Issue #5

iOS 11 is out 🚀 If you haven't upgraded already, you're missing out on all the latest augmented reali


September 21 · Issue #5 · View online
NEXTREALITY'S weekly newsletter is a curation of the latest and best in Augmented Reality products and news.

iOS 11 is out 🚀
If you haven’t upgraded already, you’re missing out on all the latest augmented reality apps. Some of them are listed below.
We’ve also pushed some updates to the brand new NEXTREALITY platform. You can now upvote your favourite AR apps. 
We’ll be adding search and hashtag filtering next 🤗
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🚀 You better be doing AR, right now
This is what the iOS11 app store looks like right now. Apple are almost exclusively promoting AR apps. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. look their age very much right now.
Better get moving. It’s a blank slate again.
✨ Sky guide
A star app has never been more beautiful and easy to use. Just hold it to the sky to automatically find constellations, planets, satellites and more. It’s stargazing fun for all ages and experience levels!
See more here
🚂 Thomas and Friends
Thomas the Tank Engine is now available in augmented reality on your phone or iPad. I remember watching it as a kid on my fuzzy television. 
See more here
🏡 Magicplan
This isn’t just another ruler AR app. You can create floor plans, estimate materials & costs, order materials and more.

See more here

💁🏼 Try new hair colours with augmented reality
No need to experiment with your actual hair. See how it’ll look first with this amazing app.
See more here
💃 Holo App
With the Holo app, you can mix your world with holograms. It’s very early days and they’re taking on lots of hologram ideas, but it’s fun and it could just blow up.
See more here
🤔 Peronio Pop Up Book
Peronio is an interactive pop up book. It’s a book about a kid who can’t decide what he wants to be when he grows up (aren’t we all).
See more here
👏 Tim Cook had a few words to say about AR with iOS11
Tim Cook describing augmented reality in iOS11 - YouTube
The demonstration shown on the video of iOS 11’s ARKit was of the forthcoming Ikea app, with the users placing armchairs in the studio.
“We’ve taken the complexity that developers would have to do in their apps and made it simple for them to convert all of their apps to an AR experience.”
“In one day, we can make AR available for hundreds of millions of people,” said Cook. “That will happen in a few hours from now.”
“This is a day to remember,” added Cook. “This is a profound day.”
So, it seems they’re taking it pretty seriously.
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Dean Fankhauser
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