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🤣 NEXTREALITY - The latest in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Issue #3

War has begun 🔥 It looks like Google is following Apple with their own version of ARKit which is call


August 30 · Issue #3 · View online
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War has begun 🔥
It looks like Google is following Apple with their own version of ARKit which is called… ARCore. It’s aim is to deliver AR capabilities to Android phones at a similar scale to Apple. Google’s previous project Tango, was never able to reach this scale because of its hardware requirements.
While somewhat reactionary, this is very good news for the AR space and competition is great for us users. The platform will be launching on the Galaxy S8 and Pixel, so long as they’re running 7.0 Nougat and above. 
In the mean time, Apple’s ARkit platform is only a couple of weeks away from being public and we have some more examples for you to get excited about 😻
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😆 Introducing Google's ARCore. It's answer to Apple's ARKit
NEXTREALITY: Introducing ARCore by @GoogleVR 😆 - YouTube
The tracking and technology here looks impressive. Perhaps even better than Apple’s ARKit. In saying that, this is a Google promotional video, so some slick production should be expected. 
Apparently Google’s AR/VR teams have coordinated closely with the AI groups at Google to show how AR can be used with the power of Google’s AI. Let’s see what that brings us. 😈
You can read more about it here.
💄 Try makeup with Augmented Reality
NEXTREALITY: Apply makeup 💄 in Augmented Reality before you buy it by @modiface - YouTube
One of the biggest use cases for AR is going to be ecommerce. Particularly those things you really need to try in person like sunglasses or makeup. 
I bought 3 pairs of sunglasses online this summer. None of them fit. I ended up buying the final pair at the airport where I could actually try them on 🙈 
😆 Super Mario Bros in the real world!
NEXTREALITY: Super Mario Bros in augmented reality 😆 - YouTube
I really hope Nintendo do this. There will be kids running around chasing coins everywhere. Myself included.
🌃 Your city, on your table, moving in real-time
NEXTREALITY: Watch your city 🏙 in real-time on your table with ARkit 🚘 by @GPSengine - YouTube
Imagine watching your Uber driving towards you with a 3D map on your dinner table. You could, in theory, see all public transport moving in real-time on your table. Future’s getting crazy. 😮
🛋 Place actual sized furniture pieces in your house with IKEA's ARKit app
NEXTREALITY: Place actual size furniture pieces in your house with IKEA's ARKit app 🛋 - YouTube
It looks like IKEA has been busy since Apple announced ARKit. There will be 2,000 items available at launch. 
It took them about 7 weeks to put this together. Basically straight after Apple’s ARKit announcement. It will be exclusive to iOS for now, but we expect this to change pretty quickly with Google’s ARCore announcement.
🍅 The @FoodNetwork ARKit app preview 🍕 🌶 🥒
NEXTREALITY: The @FoodNetwork ARKit app preview 🍕 🌶 🍅 🥒 - YouTube
Place and decorate virtual desserts like cupcakes and access recipes for them.
TBH, this is an example of a big brand showing how AR can be a nice add-on, rather than an integral part of someone’s experience with a brand or product. We’ve seen more interesting takes on food in regards to AR.
It’s kind of fun and worth checking out. 🤷‍♂️
🤓 GIPHY World
NEXTREALITY: GIPHY World with Apple's ARKit - YouTube
Place GIFs in 3D space, share videos  with friends who have the app and remix them. This is basically a social GIPH based AR experience that could be a hell of a lot of fun with friends. 👫
🎮 An ARKit game called Arise from Climax Studios
Arise - YouTube
It’s a 3D world full of crumbling ruins that you can run on your tabletop. I’m not sure how this will be controlled but, I want to play it! 
🙀 The Walking Dead: Our World
NEXTREALITY: The Walking Dead Our World 🙀 - YouTube
A location aware shooter, where you turn and there is a zombie behind you ready to kill you. Imagine this at night! 
🐛 The Very Hungry Caterpillar in AR
NEXTREALITY: The very hungry caterpillar with Apple's ARKit 🐛 - YouTube
This ARKit app translates the book into Augmented Reality. Children’s stories told in AR could be incredible!
🤔 Wondering what the difference between AR/VR/MR is?
NEXTREALITY: Wondering what the difference is between AR, VR and MR is? Here's a good explanation 🤔 - YouTube
People seem to be throwing these terms around pretty freely without having a really good grasp on the differences. 
It was all about VR a couple of years ago with Oculus, Vive and others jumping on the scene, but that seems to have all changed now with AR taking centre stage. 
Make sure you know the difference. Take a look at this video. 🙏
What is Magic Leap doing with their $4.5b in funding?
📰 Some news that's worth reading...
Apple shows off new AR apps just as Google launches ARCore - The Verge
Apple's already winning the augmented reality wars against Google
Google retires the Tango brand as its smartphone AR ambitions move wider | TechCrunch
ARCore - Google Developer  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers
👋 That's it for this week
In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting much more about Google’s ARCore, some demos and how it’s competing with Apple’s ARKit. Exciting times ahead 🚀
We really hope you liked this newsletter. If you’ve got any tips or suggestions, feel free to reach out via Twitter or email.
Until next week! 
Dean Fankhauser
Dean Fankhauser
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