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This week, we'll show you how Augmented Reality is about to revolutionise architecture, sports, gamin


August 23 · Issue #2 · View online
NEXTREALITY'S weekly newsletter is a curation of the latest and best in Augmented Reality products and news.

This week, we’ll show you how Augmented Reality is about to revolutionise architecture, sports, gaming, customer service and mapping. 
With iOS 11 with ARkit just around the corner, it’s time to get excited  🚀
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😱 There will be zombies roaming in your building soon
NEXTREALITY: Zombie attack with ARkit by Mikiko Jane - YouTube
This video is pretty creepy, but amazing. I agree with @AndreasKlinger ‘If you include other sensors (eg how loud people are) this might lead to amazing mix reality games…’
🏠 Walk into your home before you buy it
NEXTREALITY: Walk into your future home with Apple's ARkit by Econsor Mobile - YouTube
Imagine being able to go to a block of land you like, place your future home and walk into it to see all the intricate details. You’ll even be able to see the view from your living room window. This is one of the strongest use cases I’ve seen yet. 💯
👏 A film about what the future could look like in Augmented Reality
Hyper Reality by @keiichiban - YouTube
The thing I love the most about this film is when there is a glitch in the Augmented Reality and it goes away to expose the future world without it. Imagine the world without the Internet, this could be just as profound. 
Thanks to @Mrsamuelolsson for the tip!
⚽️ Walk from your office to the middle of a football stadium
Football portal with ARkit by @5thwallagency - YouTube
Immersive sporting events could be an amazing AR use case. Fascinated to see what the sporting world does with the tech!
🎉 Find your friends with Augmented Reality
NEXTREALITY: Find your friends at festivals with ARkit by @neonapps
Depending on where you are in the world, we’re in the middle of festival season. This time next year, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the most popular features of AR.
👐 Drones and AR? Yes please 😆
NEXTREALITY: Attack drones 💥 in you're garden with #ARkit and @ambergarage by @pestantium - YouTube
This time in two months, there will be kids (and adults) running around the streets shooting these things down. 
📰 Some news that's worth reading...
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📱 The Apple ARKit Proves the Future of Augmented Reality Will Be on Your Phone | WIRED
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Dean Fankhauser
Dean Fankhauser
Hey! I’m a founder of Nextreality, Nuji and The Publishers. I love putting this newsletter together and hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and reach out any time.
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