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We're about to have a billion Augmented Reality ready iOS devices. Are you ready? 🚀 With Apple's ARki


August 16 · Issue #1 · View online
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We’re about to have a billion Augmented Reality ready iOS devices. Are you ready? 🚀
With Apple’s ARkit around the corner, there’s some exciting developments in the Augmented Reality space that could change how we interact with technology and our real-world surroundings. 
Over the next couple of years, it’s going to become one of the most important developments in technology and we want you to be sitting front and centre while it unfolds. 🤓
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😮 Sir Peter Jackson teams up with Wingnut AR and Apple
Apple's ARkit being used by Lord of the Rings director Sir Peter Jackson
Sir Peter Jackson teamed up with Wingnut AR and Apple with their upcoming ARkit to produce this augmented reality demo. 
Wingnut AR were given special access to ARkit to demonstrate what’s possible.
Mind is blown. 👏
🙏 An example of what your next grocery shop could look like
Grocery shopping with Apple ARkit by @BruceVang
I was hoping this problem was going to be solved when the first iPhone came out. I’m still walking around in circles at Tesco. I need this. 
😆 Shoot 'em up in the real world.
NEXTREALITY: Shooting in reality with Apple ARkit by Tony Alazeub
If you’ve seen Stranger Things on Netflix, this might remind you of a certain scene. My nephew is going to love this too much. 
🍰 Preview your food before you order it
NEXTREALITY: Food in augmented reality with Apple's ARkit
Another 3D food example by the very talented Alper Guler. Who wouldn’t want this feature when they order food at a restaurant?!
🚗 Thinking of ordering a Tesla Model 3?
Tesla Model 3 with ARkit by @jelmerverhoog
Who’s tried configuring a car on the web? Yeah, it really sucks! Now you can just go outside, drop the car you want on your driveway and see if it’s something you want to go for. Don’t like 🔵? Try 🔴. 
🙀 Virtual robot commanders in Shoreditch!
NEXTREALITY: Virtual robot commanders with ARkit by Duncan Walker
This one shocked me a little. I know these London streets well and seeing these characters walking around is pretty creepy. 😱
😎 How Augmented Reality could look? WDYT?
Augmented Reality that is cool to wear. Augmented Audio, who cares about graphic displays?
Augmented Reality that is cool to wear. Augmented Audio, who cares about graphic displays?
One of the biggest issues AR/VR has faced to date is how it looks. Apple have tried to overcome this by tying the AR technology to the device instead of a wearable, for now.
It seems inevitable that it’s going to have to go wearable at some point. Google made a mess of the whole concept with Glass, but maybe if it looks like this, people might go for it?
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