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🔥 NEXTREALITY - The latest in Augmented Reality Issue #12

👻 Snapchat teamed up with Netflix's Stranger Things to create an Augmented Reality experience. 🛍 Amaz


November 3 · Issue #11 · View online
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👻 Snapchat teamed up with Netflix’s Stranger Things to create an Augmented Reality experience.
🛍 Amazon just launched an Augmented Reality app. Now you can try before you buy.
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Snapchat's partnership with Netflix's Stranger Things
Snapchat Stranger Things AR - YouTube
Recently, Snapchat partnered up with Netflix to create an immersive AR experience to promote the new series of the show ‘Stranger Things’.
This is a completely new way to engage with audiences and it will be really interesting to see how other brands start using AR. 
🛍 Amazon AR View
This is a game changer for Augmented Reality and for ecommerce. Ikea was the first major retailer to adopt the technology, but that’s nothing compared to Amazon.
Expect almost every other retailer to pile in. There’s a clear benefit to shoppers being able to preview products in their home and I’m certain it will translate into more sales.
There will soon be an expectation of this technology from shoppers.
Watch it here
With Amazon's AR news, it's interesting to see AR's predicted impact on ecommerce
With Amazon’s AR news, it’s interesting to see how Augmented Reality is predicted to impact ecommerce. For the next few years, it looks like Apple’s ARKit is going to lead the way with ARCore taking the lead after that. 
🤓 You can now learn Apple's ARKit with Udacity
Have you been watching some of these videos and want to give AR a go? Maybe you’ve got a killer app idea. 
You can learn through Udacity with their nanodegree foundation program. 
🚗 Parallel Parking
I don’t drive often. I live in London. I had to drive a few weeks ago and was reminded how horrible parallel parking is. Especially if you haven’t practiced in a while. 
Something like this could be really useful, especially if it’s built into cars in some way.
Watch it here
🌄 Conduct AR!
Conduct AR! is a train set like no other. You can build it and control it like any other train set. You can walk around it, move in to zoom and experience it in a world that’s part of your world. 
So cool!
Watch it here
👩‍⚕️ Tsuro
Boardgames are about to be taken to an entirely new level. They can come to life and be interactive, yet they’re still on your living room floor, or dining table. 
Watch it here
📰 Some news that's worth reading...
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How ARKit will make more money than ARCore or Camera Effects (for now) | TechCrunch
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This AR Headset Won't Replace My Monitor, But It's a Promising Start | WIRED
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Dean Fankhauser
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