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✈️ NEXTREALITY - The latest in Augmented Reality Issue #11

😃 You can now filter ARKit and ARCore projects by #hashtag. Check it out here. 🚀 We now have #Vuforia


October 26 · Issue #10 · View online
NEXTREALITY'S weekly newsletter is a curation of the latest and best in Augmented Reality products and news.

😃 You can now filter ARKit and ARCore projects by #hashtag. Check it out here.
🚀 We now have #Vuforia, #Unity and #UnrealEngine channels on Slack. If you’re interested in any of these, make sure you join.
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✈️ American Airlines
Airports are stressful. Catching flights is stressful. American Airlines is trying to tackle this with AR by providing augmented guides on your flight, where to go and what to do. 

Honestly, I hope every airline app does this. Apple Wallet changed the game for me in regards to tickets and this is even better 🙏.
Watch it here
🐟 FishingGO
Turn your favourite place into an impressive sea aquarium and enjoy colourful marine life.
Watch it here
🚁 Total War AR Helicopter
Fly your own AR Apache Helicopter in the comfort of your own home, or outside around the neighborhood. Who needs drones?!
Watch it here
👾 Tsuro
Create your own journey with Tsuro: The Game of the Path. Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but take care! Other players’ paths can lead you in the wrong direction - or off the board entirely! Paths will cross and connect, and the choices you make affect all the journeys across the board.
Watch it here
👻 Angry Zombies AR
Angry Zombies is a new ARKit game where that mixes FPS, Shoot ’em up (STG), and Tower Defense gameplay mechanics into one.
Watch it here
🏠 Augmented Reality is changing real estate
A really interesting video about how AR is being used to replace expensive and slow to build physical models when working on development projects.
According to Goldman Sachs, research predicts that the VR and AR market in real estate will reach at least $80 billion by 2025 😲.
📰 Some news that's worth reading...
Eight Ways Virtual And Augmented Reality Are Changing The Real Estate Industry
Bringing Mixed Reality to the Web - The Mozilla Blog
VR and AR solutions for e-commerce – Virtual Reality Pop
Target uses augmented reality to help you shop for furniture
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Dean Fankhauser
Dean Fankhauser
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