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🎉 Announcing the launch of the NEXTREALITY augment reality platform

Here are some of the highlights this week... 🎉 We're launching the world's first platform specificall


September 13 · Issue #4 · View online
NEXTREALITY'S weekly newsletter is a curation of the latest and best in Augmented Reality products and news.

Here are some of the highlights this week…
🎉 We’re launching the world’s first platform specifically for the AR community to show and discover great AR work, AR jobs and more. Take a look at 👈🤘
🥊 This week, we have a bunch of Google’s ARCore examples in addition to Apple’s ARKit. So far, the apps on both platforms are looking pretty even.  
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😆 Introducing the NEXTREALITY platform
We’re very excited to announce the NEXTREALITY platform. It’s a place to discover and show the best work in augmented reality, get AR jobs and connect with the best people in AR.
We created this platform because we believe AR is going to be the next big wave in computing and completely change the way we interact with our phones and the world around us.
This is a completely new field. Rules around design and development haven’t been established, which means it’s a clean slate for us to define. 
Get on board, join the NEXTREALITY community and let’s define this next stage of computing together.
✊ Join the NEXTREALITY Slack group
Want to learn more about AR development and design? Connect with like-minded people, share resources, knowledge and get to know the AR community. It’s invite only, but you can request an invite here.
👀 Reveal an animated world at your feet with Hidden World
NEXTREALITY: Hidden World - YouTube
Hidden World combines hand-drawn animation and AR in a really simple and fun way. Point your device at the ground, then tap anywhere to reveal an animated world at your feet by @rachelgotopark and @JFriedhoff with Google ARCore and Unity.
😮 Create a 3D version of any object or face with your phone
Sony phone app takes 3D clone snaps - YouTube
Apple and Google have been stealing all the AR headlines lately, so it’s easy to forget that companies like Sony are also working very hard behind the scenes to create some innovation in the space. 
Sony has revealed new smartphones that can create detailed 3D scans of almost any object using the phone’s camera. This is particularly cool for the creation of AR. 
💃 Draw and dance
NEXTREALITY: Draw and Dance with Google's ARCore 💃 by @jdthamores & @afuste - YouTube
Create your own dancing AR stick figure that reacts to sounds such as music, clapping or your voice. It seems to work very well with Google Home in this video. Take a look. Very weird, kind of awesome.
Built by @jdthamores@afuste and Google Creative Labs using ARCore, Unity, Vuforia and API.AI 
🐘 Play mini golf outside your home, or in your living room
NEXTREALITY: Mammoth 🐘 mini golf game with Apple's ARKit - YouTube
Mini golf is always fun and now you can bring it into your home in an interactive way by @ezonecom with ARKit
It’s due September 12 😁
Looks like fun ⛳️ ! 
✈️ View flights paths
NEXTREALITY: View flight paths with Google's #ARCore ✈️ - YouTube
Flight Paths is an experiment that transforms your room into a flight path visualization. Touch any horizontal surface and explore as flights take off from JFK or SFO and fly around your space by @wdlindmeier with Google’s ARCore.
👩‍🎨 Paint and sculpt in Augmented Reality
NEXTREALITY: 👩‍🎨 Paint and sculpt in Augmented Reality with Apple's #ARKit by @fabinrasheed - YouTube
It’s one thing being able to draw and paint on a piece of paper. It’s another thing to be able to do that on your iPad screen in a 2D way. It’s a whole other thing being able to draw and paint in 3D with Augmented Reality. Wow. By @fabinrasheed
🎨 Drawing in mid-air
NEXTREALITY: Drawing in mid-air with Google's #ARCore 🎨 - YouTube
This is a demonstration of how you can draw in 3D space. While a quick example, you can imagine the types of things that can be built with this type of tech. 
It was made by @halfdanj using openFrameworks and Google’s ARCore. 
📰 Some news that's worth reading...
Magic Leap update: Design images revealed in patent filing - Business Insider
How is ARCore better than ARKit? – Super Ventures Blog – Medium
Apple bought an eye-tracking company — what’s next?
Hands On With Google’s ARCore – PC Magazine – Medium
👋 That's it for this week
Expect a lot of updates to the NEXTREALITY over the coming weeks with plenty of new content 🚀
Until next week! 
Dean Fankhauser
Dean Fankhauser
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