By Esther Gons

Start your work week with 3 long-reads about corporate innovation. GroundControl is software to help corporates manage and measure innovation.

Start your work week with 3 long-reads about corporate innovation. GroundControl is software to help corporates manage and measure innovation.

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How to get started with the top 18 Lean Startup experiments? - GroundControl #41

In this week's newsletter, There is a long read from Timan on the 18 most used Lean Startup experiments. As second, there is a podcast from with Mark Dunno from Rockstart Agrifood over Rockstart's transformation and their future. Furthermore, you will…


How do you measure innovation culture? - GroundControl #40

Dear innovators,This week we have a guide on how to find the right pricing strategy for your startup. Dan Toma published an article on how to measure innovation culture, including a framework, so it is definitely worth trying out. As a third article, we have …


GroundControl - #39 These 4 Paradigm Shifts Will Define The Next Decade

Hi innovators,To kickstart your weekend, I have some great reads for you. But first something else.Esther is joining Innov8rs Connect unconference 2021, to help corporate innovators get actionable answers to their toughest questions, have focused conversation…


How long does it take to reach product/market fit? - GroundControl #38

Dear innovators,Many people think that startups are either an overnight success or fail fast. We know that it takes a lot of hard work, tears, and effort to get a startup off the ground. We want to prove this by putting the numbers together. Therefore, we sta…


GroundControl #37: AI is fusing with The Internet of Things to create new technological innovations

Hi innovators,In this week's edition, we have a practical guide on how you can create your own innovation framework, a fascinating article on the fusion of AI with the IoT, a boxing match between two thought innovation leaders, and finally an interesting arti…


GroundControl - Issue #36

Hi innovators, in this week's edition, we have our article on how to conduct a stakeholder analysis, then we have two interesting long reads, and finally, a creative summary of The Mom Test. Enjoy!


How to design your own Product Life Cycle framework - GroundControl #35

Hi Innovators, it has been a while since we sent one out, but we’re back on track with the best content on innovation management. Enjoy!


Pre-order the Innovation Accounting Book - NEXT Amsterdam #34

Hi corporate innovators!Esther and Dan Toma reached a major milestone, the first half of the Innovation Accounting book is now ready!Pre-ordering the book today will give you instant access to the first five chapters.By pre-ordering you will also get:early di…


Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead. - NEXT Amsterdam #33

Hi everyone,Let me start with a bit of self promotion 🙂This Tuesday September 7th at 10:00 CET I'm giving a second and final workshop at the Innov8rs unconference and would like to offer you all a free ticket to attend.In the workshop I will dive into Trackin…


Fav upcoming Innov8rs Unconf 2020 sessions and 30% discount - NEXT Amsterdam #32

Instead of a regular Innov8rs conference with an unconference attached, Innov8rs is currently running a 10-week long online Innov8rs Unconference with over 80 interactive sessions with the world's most leading experts. From Brant Cooper, Alex Osterwalder, Ten…


The 3 KPIs you should measure to start with innovation accounting - NEXT Amsterdam #31

Hi all,This week we are talking about accounting. Innovation Accounting to be precise. How do we measure innovation and how do we determine whether it is worth to invest time in?I'm also sharing a brand new article from my co-founder Timan, who explains how y…


To properly manage innovation, we need a new way to identify the different types - NEXT Amsterdam #30

This week we do a deep dive into innovation mindsets. From learning to say no, not to overthink and the right mindset for innovation leaders.We also included a brand new blogpost! We developed a new matrix to identify different types of innovation. Another on…


Is Your Innovation Process a Corporate Illusion? - NEXT Amsterdam #29

Welcome back to our newsletter! It has been a while since we sent one out, but we're back on track with 3 great long-reads to kickstart your week.Esther Gons


NEXT Corporate Innovation #28 - Kickstart Corporate Innovation

Esther is speaking at Innov8rs in Paris in April. A very hands-on and valuable event where sharing knowledge is leading. Esther will be sharing effective ways to kickstart a professional Innovation Lab, what are the things needed to actually start the wheels …


NEXT Corporate Innovation #27 - It's The Incentives, Stupid


NEXT Corporate Innovation #26 - Why Can’t Nestle Produce Another Nespresso?

Innovation AssessmentYou want to reflect on your organization's current innovation practices and want to know how your company is doing, also in relation to other corporates.NEXT Amsterdam helps with a full innovation assessment day. A whole day where we star…


NEXT Corporate Innovation #25 - The Lean Hype Cycle

At NEXT Amsterdam we aim to help you with your innovation endeavours, adding value to your company. Contact us for a Masterclass or Innovation assessment of your company. Call 06 46244542 or email me directly at


NEXT Corporate Innovation #24 - Modular Banking Changing the Fabric of FinTech


NEXT Corporate Innovation #23- Why Does Your Innovation Lab Exist?


NEXT Corporate Innovation #22 - The Myth of the Intrapreneur