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By Ryan Sager at Montague Street Media

News and tips for media makers, from Ryan Sager, founder of Montague Street Media ( Let's build a better media!

News and tips for media makers, from Ryan Sager, founder of Montague Street Media ( Let's build a better media!

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Get ready for Email Intelligence

Have questions about making money with your newsletter? Ask them here! Chat with others in the industry, to gather and share knowledge.


Top questions about selling newsletter sponsorships

Hi all,Tomorrow at 11 a.m. Eastern, I'll be presenting a session at Newsletter Fest (put together by the folks at Curated) on Selling Newsletter Sponsorships.You can register here!So, I thought I'd try a little experiment this month...I'm going to give a litt…


5 tools media entrepreneurs should know

Hi all,It's been a busy February (and now March), so let's jump right in to providing you with as much value as possible on the topic of how to make money with your media business — whether you're a sole proprietor just starting out or a major publisher looki…


Masterclass on newsletter sponsorships tomorrow

Hey all-A rare mid-month update because this came together shortly after the last Newspackr shipped — but it seems highly relevant to this crowd:Thursday, February 18 (tomorrow!) at noon, we are doing a masterclass on newsletter sponsorships for SparkLoop, th…


7 ways smaller newsletters are making sponsorships work

Thanks to everyone who asked last month to be notified ahead of the launch of Who Sponsors Stuff, a new data product that will track what companies are advertising in which newsletters — sending the data straight to your inbox, so you can find your next email…


This is how to find your newsletter sponsors

Happy New Year! Let's get right to it...Finding potential sponsors is one of the trickiest and most labor-intensive parts of running an ad-supported newsletter — or any ad-supported media company.That's why — coming soon — we'll be launching a new data produc…


21 extremely accurate predictions for newsletters in 2021

Well, folks...I think we can dispense safely with the customary 2020 email greetings that we've all come to know and tolerate. In these unprecedentedly trying historically strange times, this email probably does not find you particularly well.


This is how you sell ads in a newsletter

Hello!Email is booming. A lot of the chatter is around subscription models. But advertising isn't dead yet.While ads on the Web are generally a low-margin game, email ads are supporting a raft of new media businesses.Email ads allow monetization with large — …


5 admittedly random ideas for finding your niche

Hello!It's a boom time for independent media — people building niche businesses on memberships, subscriptions, sponsorships, affiliate commerce, and other forms of revenue.Whether it's local news, national news, B2B news, or any other niche, this is the time …


7 newsletter mistakes not to make

Hello!I hope everybody had a relaxing Labor Day Weekend. As we enter the back third of the year, chances are you're busier than ever. Projects you started are underway. School is back in session. And a chaotic summer is giving way to... well, a possibly still…


This is how to make your subscription more valuable

Hello!Last month we asked newsletter publishers and proprietors in the Newspackr audience to let us know a little bit about how they're making money on email.Thirty-two newsletter publishers participated in this anonymous survey.


9 ways to make money from your email newsletter

We're in an email newsletter boom.But every newsletter is different — from topic to frequency to how it's monetized.To provide a clearer view of the landscape, Montague Street Media is conducting an informal survey of newsletter and email operators.If you fit…


This is how to grow your email list on Facebook

In last month's newsletter, I conducted an experiment:I set up a Calendly and invited readers to grab one of eight half-hour slots on my calendar for a Zoom meeting — where they could tell me what their biggest challenges were, and I could offer my best quick…


OK, here are 5 smart ways to grow your email list

Every person who subscribes to this newsletter gets a welcome email from me with 2 questions:1) Do you have a newsletter/blog/media site?2) What's your biggest challenge?It's been so interesting hearing from everyone about what they're working on and what cha…


7 smart moves for your media business right now

Is your media business looking for its footing right now? Or searching for new opportunities in the current climate? Simply reply to this email or click my email address here: I'd love to hear what you're working on.


This trick will get your email opened every time

You're reading the first issue of Newspackr, a new media newsletter from me, Ryan Sager, founder of Montague Street Media.The goal of this newsletter is to give practical ideas, tips, and tools to today's media makers — the people in the trenches building new…