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March 3 · Issue #1 · View online
Newspackr: For Media Makers
Man, if you didn’t open this, I guess I just blew my credibility. 🤷 But if you didn’t open, you’re not reading this anyway, so… Onward!

You’re reading the first issue of Newspackr, a new media newsletter from me, Ryan Sager, founder of Montague Street Media.
The goal of this newsletter is to give practical ideas, tips, and tools to today’s media makers — the people in the trenches building news products and creating profitable, sustainable, meaningful media organizations.
The last decade saw the big media companies give away virtually all of their power — over their audiences, over their revenue, over their existence — to Big Tech companies that have hollowed out our free press and our democracy.
I believe that we are at the beginning of a new media renaissance, in which creators and entrepreneurs can take back control of their businesses — building not on social-media or commoditized-advertising models, but on channels where they have far greater control of their fates and much closer relationships with their audiences.
Leading off this month’s issue are two topics I hope you’ll enjoy:
1) Email subject lines: As we depend more on email for distributing our content, it’s more important than ever to understand how to stand out in the inbox. See below for my best tips — based on thousands of A/B tests.
2) Finding your audience on Flipboard: Flipboard is one of the more publisher-friendly platforms. But it lacks a map for where to find readers interested in what you cover. With the help of some new data from, it was possible to put together a map of which topics on Flipboard generate the most traffic. See below for the top 1,000 topics — and use this list as a map to your future readers.
Also, don’t miss the best stories of the last month to help you Grow, Engage, and Monetize your audience — plus some other helpful tools below.
Email. Newsletters. Subscriptions. Memberships. Events. Whatever model you’re pursuing, hopefully something in this letter will help you do your job a little bit better.
And I’d love to hear from you about what you’re working on… You can reply to this email, or shoot me a note at:
Let’s build a better media!
If you enjoy this email, pass it on by clicking the airplane above...
If you enjoy this email, pass it on by clicking the airplane above...
🖊️ Recently in Media Notes
The 1,000 most popular topics on Flipboard
Great email subject lines: This is what 9,673 tests have taught me
🌱 Grow
The 3 best stories about finding your audience…
Investing in paid lead acquisition to grow membership, Part II
Make Audiences Grow Again: One year inside Trump's monumental Facebook campaign
Here's a new way to get someone to sign up for your newsletter
💍 Engage
The 3 best stories about keeping your audience…
The Era of Antisocial Social Media: How a flight to 'digital campfires' is changing the media landscape
Effective strategies for engaging email newsletters
Listen up: Audio articles are helping (non-audio) media brands maintain loyalty
💰 Monetize
The 3 best stories about generating revenue with your audience…
How to build a good reader revenue model: Lessons from Spain and the UK
Axel Springer is simplifying its pricing strategy to grow reader revenue
The Information's success shows that depth is more important than quantity
🗞️ In other news...
How Morning Brew grew to $13M in revenue with 33 employees How Morning Brew grew to $13M in revenue with 33 employees
Gmail sends democracy to the Promotions tab Gmail sends democracy to the Promotions tab
HEY: Email at its best, new from Basecamp, coming soon HEY: Email at its best, new from Basecamp, coming soon
🛠️ 3 tools I've bookmarked this month (and you might want to, too)...
1. - The mailto link generator
2. 📙 Emojipedia - 😃 The home of emoji meanings 💁👌🎍😍
3. Wheregoes? - A tool for tracing the redirect paths of URLs
🧭 MSM Guides
As an experiment, I’m compiling some Montague Street Media Guides to things like…
Maybe you’ll find a great resource you’d missed. And if I missed a great resource, let me know at:
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