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📩 Newley's Notes 91: Elon's New Dream; GOOG & FB Kill It; #VanLife; Monobrows

Hi, I’m Newley Purnell – welcome to the latest issue of Newley’s Notes, in which I share my Wall Stre
📩 Newley's Notes 91: Elon's New Dream; GOOG & FB Kill It; #VanLife; Monobrows
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Hi, I’m Newley Purnell – welcome to the latest issue of Newley’s Notes, in which I share my Wall Street Journal stories, posts from by blog, and various links about technology and life.

📝 What I Wrote in The WSJ
+ Indian Outsourcer Infosys to Hire 10,000 Workers in U.S. – Infosys is one of India’s biggest IT services firms, and like its peers is under increased scrutiny under Pres. Trump for its use of the H-1B skilled worker visa program. The location of the first of four centers they’re opening: Indiana, where VP Mike Pence was formerly governor.
💬 What I Wrote at
Now sponsoring: Mini. Among the excellent gifts I received for my birthday last weekend: A sponsored a New Delhi street dog in my name. The pooch is called Mini. Obviously, as I wrote, this lovely girl’s name was not inspired by the size of her ears. Click through for a pic. 
📲 5 Must-Reads in Tech
1. Elon Musk’s latest vision: an underground roadway network, as my WSJ colleague writes. Yes, the Tesla and SpaceX head envisions a system that would allow drivers to access freeways under cities. Here’s a video of Musk’s talk. And here’s a video showing how the setup would work. 
2. New trend among attractive young people: living in their vans and documenting their hella nomadic lives on Instagram. The New Yorker’s Rachel Monroe examines #VanLife
3. U.S. digital advertising titans killed it this quarter. Google parent company Alphabet said said profit jumped 29%, while Facebook said net income rose a whopping 76%. The big picture, as Recode’s Rani Molla writes: “Global ad revenue is growing and the top earners are taking an increasingly bigger cut.”
4. Twitter’s partnering with Bloomberg for a streaming news service. As my WSJ colleague Lukas I. Alpert reports, the stream will be broadcast on the platform around the clock, and is set to launch in the fall.
5. A glimpse of our augmented reality future? I’m not sure how it was done, but this video of a high-speed chase in Los Angeles is overlaid with street names and other details. 
💫 1 Fun Thing
1. Monobrows: so hot right now, as the NYT reports
Shot: A “new generation is embracing the subversive charm of the unibrow.” 
Chaser: “In some cultures, the unibrow — sometimes called a monobrow — is even seen as a sign of good luck, and for men, a signifier of virility and fertility.” 
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