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Neon Moiré NL #13 - October 2021

Thomas Dahm
Thomas Dahm
This is issue 13 of Neon Moiré NL - An overview of online, offline & hybrid events happening this month, October, in Belgium and The Netherlands. You can find all upcoming events here.

Hi! In this October newsletter, a ‘short’ and sweet roundup of all design & creativity events happing this month. Listed are 1-hour lectures to 10-day festivals and everything in between. Exhibitions on (book)design and architecture. Plus for the first time I’ve includes two events designed for kids, because it’s herfstvakantie soon!
These past few months, I have been working with Jeroen Disch and Arthur Reinders Folmer on an online course about variable fonts. The course will go live at the end of this year. Leave your email to get notified.
This newsletter will be a monthly newsletter, to the end of the year. Due to my busy schedule.
Heads up! All events listed use the CaronaCheck-app to give access to the venue.
✨ Featured Event ✨
Blend – fest on cutting edge creativity
Lectures, Festivals and Conferences
The Berlage Online Symposium: "Building for Autos: Architecture Along the Road"
Stripweekend Haarlem
Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam
The Berlage Keynotes: Between Cars and Architecture by Lowie Vermeersch
Drive 2021
Dutch Design Week
STRP: Species Counterpoint by Antoine Bertin
Scriptorium by Autobahn presented by  Graphic Matters at DDW
Thursday Night Live!
The Hmm ON Online Fandom
Thursday Night Live!
FIBER 2021 - Neon Moiré NL
Brainwash Festival 2021
Radical Austria: Everything is Architecture - Neon Moiré NL
Japan Works and Other Books by Aglaia Konrad
HERE, HERE! Wim Crouwel & Edgar Fernhout
De Best Verzorgde Boeken
The Architecture of a Wonderful World
The World As We Don't Know It
GOTH – Designing Darkness
For Kids
Tuin van de Toekomst
Three international conferences to attend from home this month.
Adobe Max 2021
TypeCon2021: Together
Contribute to Neon Moiré
If you’re organizing an event, designing an exhibition, or speak/teach at one, anywhere in the world or online, let me know! Happy to at upcoming happening to our agenda.
For the upcoming city pages, I’m looking for creatives who want to share their favorite spots in the city. If you live in Almere, Leuven, Namen, Tilburg, The Hague, or Utrecht and would like to share your hotspots, drop me a line. In return, I will mention you and link to your preferred spot on the internet.
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Thanks for reading, see you on the first of November.
Thomas ✌️  
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Thomas Dahm
Thomas Dahm @neonmoire

Overzicht van meet-ups, conferenties, workshops en tentoonstellingen op het gebied van Digitale Cultuur, Ontwerp, Architectuur, Mode en Film. Elke twee weken.

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