Neat Stuff Weekly

By Graham Barber

Weekly product and service recommendations à la Graham Barber.

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Neat Stuff Weekly - April 20th, 2020

Hey all, last weekend was a bit busy, so I didn't get the issue out the door. So, instead, you get that content this week!I'm proud to present to you, the NSW Kitchen Countertop Appliance edition! Let's get started.


Neat Stuff Weekly - April 6th, 2020

Hi all, I hope you've been keeping well. Nothing to say in terms housekeeping this week, so let's just get on with the show:


Neat Stuff Weekly - March 30th, 2020

Hey folks, I hope you've been holding up well in the last couple weeks. I didn't manage to get last week's newsletter out because—as you surely know—things are bit chaotic right now. But, I'm back this week, with a couple of announcements.Good news first: I'm…


Neat Stuff Weekly - March 16th, 2020

Hey everybody, sorry for the late issue this week. I just had to prepare for some finals, which are fortunately over now! Let's get straight into this week's stuff:


Neat Stuff Weekly - March 9th, 2020

Hey all, welcome to another edition of Neat Stuff Weekly! I'm happy to report that I've rebooted the podcast format of this newsletter, so if you're not interested in reading the contents of this newsletter, you can actually listen to it now instead. There's …


Neat Stuff Weekly - March 2nd, 2020

Hey everybody, I hope you had a great weekend. I know many of us are on the accelerated downward slope towards the end of final projects and finals week, so best of luck to those of you who need it! Maybe save a bit of luck for me too, though.On to the stuff!


Neat Stuff Weekly – Feb 24th, 2020

Hey, it's good to see you!For my previous subscribers, it's nice to see you again—and for new subscribers, welcome! I probably didn't pick the best time to revive this newsletter, as we're heading into the last few weeks of the academic term—but I digress. Th…


Neat Stuff Weekly lives again!

Hello again!It's been awhile since I've last been in contact. I apologize for that—as you probably know, school is hard. The previous format of this newsletter was just way too much work for me to keep up with, so I ended up dropping Neat Stuff Weekly like it…