Dear Naughty Valentines

By Nadia Valentine

Updates about my upcoming books, life, movie reviews, writing tips, and more!

Updates about my upcoming books, life, movie reviews, writing tips, and more!

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Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #8

I get that when a writer is writing something they should (at least in part) write for themselves. Trust me, at least 90% of what I write in any story is because I wanted to write it and I enjoy writing it. That's why I self publish. It means that people cann…


Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #7

I know that I missed last week's issue and I'm sorry about that. I should have mentioned that I have changed my medication dosage and there are side effects that come with it. I suppose that also means explaining what is *wrong* with me that I am taking medic…


Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #6

I am very aware that these days (and probably forever) being a self-published author has come with a bad connotation and reputation all at once. The thing is (at least in my case) there's a reason I went the self-publishing route. I can also tell you, quite f…


Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #5

As some of you may know (or not) I recently released my second book in the Birthright series entitled Birthright: Wasteland.


Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #4

Since the movie Last Night In Soho came out, I'd been hearing things about it. I had also seen the trailer more than once and though I wasn't sure if it looked good it also didn't look bad. For the most part, I couldn't figure out what it was really about. Ob…


Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #3

Like many people, I was interested in screenwriting for a very long time before I ever attempted it. I also thought that it had to be near impossible to learn. I don't know why I thought that but I did. Then I found out one of my friends was going to school f…


Dear Naughty Valentines - Issue #2

Before I get into today's newsletter I wanted to announce that for one week my second bestseller Weapon Of Choice will be on sale for .99 cents. You can get it on Amazon Kindle starting today!


Weekly newsletter of Nadia - Issue #1

I have decided to start a weekly news letter for anyone who is interested in updates to my books, writing, life, and other things going on. I intend to give information about my projects, thoughts on movies, and even a random short erotic story here and there…