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Making Money with Voice Recordings - Issue #6


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Okay, so we received a question about earning money with audio recordings. Which we say a spike in interest when we reviewed traffic and analytical data. I like money also, so I will try to include more ways and opportunities to expose my audience to these entrepreneurial concepts. When you are passionate about something and creative enough you can definitely instill a growth mindset and achieve any goal. This is something we focus on instilling in our E-Learning Course Membership Program, which is taking a life of its own. I didn’t realize what a positive impact we could have just by encouragement, exposure to resources, communication with knowledgeable and experienced people in an approachable, non-steering, or judgemental way. So I’m happy that it’s becoming more of a mentorship program, rather than a class.
So without further ado, we offer the audio link to the discussion of the topic in our podcast:
And as promised we offer the full details of the discussion in writing here. We collected responses from many individuals but now that we see the amount of time that goes into it, we will anticipate obtaining a maximum of 3 creditable sources, by experience or education:

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Is it possible to get paid for voice recordings? If so, can I also use a podcast as a hosting hub for said recordings to capitalize on sponsors, ads, and streaming revenue?
Neil, Owner at Innov8product (2010-present)
Answered July 8, 2021 · Author has 70 answers and 16.9K answer views
Yes, you can really do this from home if you have a pleasant speaking voice. There isn’t generally a need to go to a real studio. Bunches of individuals bring in additional cash doing voiceovers from home!
You can join various Voice Over Jobs (voice acting), frequently voice-over gigs listed, and can have access to new voice-over job postings daily, many record pickup lines as requested by clients.
You can try all the mentioned below freelancing work sites
Upwork, Snap Recordings, Fiverr, Filmless, Voices
You can create your podcast website/social media account to expand your reach and visibility.
Best Podcast hosting :
For beginner level: Buzzword & Spreaker are the best.
You can use the tool Buzzsprout podcast hosting, It has free plans for beginners, they have recently added affiliate marketing, so you can make money while learning.
Speaker connects podcast creators with advertisers and listeners. You can easily monetize your work.
Few other like Podomatic, AudioboomPodcast WebsitesFusebox, PodBean, Podcasts, and many more.
You can even submit your Podcast to Google Play, Tunein, Spotify, iTunes. It will maximize your reach. But, first, you need to create an account on these directories.
Lastly, The best way to earn is to start an E-books publishing podcast, Inspirational stories and upload it on Youtube. You can easily monetize your channel.
I hope, the above information will help you to get started. Best of Luck. Thank you :)
About the Author: Neil
Owner at Innov8product2010–present
B.E. in Bachelor of Engineering Degrees & MBA in Business Management, Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaGraduated 2008
Lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India2008–present
© Quora, Inc. 2021
How do you get sponsors for a podcast?
Rupert Walsh, Podcast Creator at Podcast Production (2018-present)
Answered 10 months ago · Author has 96 answers and 93.7K answer views
There’s no single way to strike sponsorships with brands, but there are a couple of tried-and-tested ways that you can find potential sponsors as well as helpful information about pitching, pricing, and encouraging sales (or clicks) in exchange for revenue.
1.Understand How it Works
Podcast sponsorship is basically a deal between you and a brand or service where you help sell their products and increase awareness of their brand. These goals are priced and measured using two metrics:
CPM (cost per mille)
This is how much sponsors will pay you per 1,000 downloads of your podcast, views on your video podcast, or impressions on your social media posts.
CPM pricing will typically involve agreements like, “I’ll pay you $20 for every 1,000 downloads per episode where we have an ad spot.” But more often than not, sponsors use it to assess the efficiency of their ads (8,000 downloads for a $500 ad is $6.25 CPM).
CPA (cost per acquisition)
This measures the number of sales or signups businesses get as a result of your ad. Think of it as a “referral bonus.” It’s the ideal metric for small shows with a more engaged audience.
You can invite your listeners to avail from a particular business by offering an exclusive discount coupon code or directing them to a website through an affiliate link on your podcast blog, both of which help track which potential or actual customers came from you. Alternatively, a CPA can also be used to assess the efficiency of their ads (100 signups for $500 is $5 CPA).
There are no real industry standards for podcasting rates, so it can really depend on the sponsor and your current reach. But for CPMs, sponsors typically spend $15-25 for every 1,000 listeners. For CPAs, sponsors usually spend $15-30 on each person that ends up signing up or buying their product, depending on the predetermined goal. If the CPM and CPA numbers are within the acceptable range, sponsors are likely to renew their ads with you.
3. Find Prospective Sponsors
Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned podcaster, it’s always easier to strike sponsorships with independent creators and small businesses that admittedly need help to reach their market. You may already know a few — for example, an online business that already sells around the world or a local store (only effective if you have a big group of active local listeners).
4.Create a Presentation
The professional way to agree on a sponsorship deal is to send an email, along with your more detailed pitch, to your prospective sponsor. These should include information about your show and your suggested pricing. The presentation is typically in the form of a slide deck and is an excellent way to impress your sponsor and make everything look official.
Take your time in producing an aesthetically pleasing yet professional-looking set of slides and optimize it for your sponsor. Treat it like a business portfolio that will impress and provide relevant information to your potential clients.
5. Email Your Prospective Sponsor
With your pitch proposal ready, it’s time to compose your pitch email. Remember that this will be the first thing that your sponsor will read from you, so it’s important to be thoughtful about how you compose it. You’ll have to provide information that answers who you are, what you want, and why they should care about your offer.
For your intro, you can simply introduce yourself as the host or co-host of your show. Provide the subject matter of your show, express how you like the sponsor’s business, and that you would like to know if they are interested in working with you to promote their products or services.
6. Send a Follow-Up Email
There’s a reason why we suggested that you create a template for your pitch—you’ll need to reach out to as many good sponsors as you can.
If they don’t respond, that’s not the end of the line. You may consider sending a follow-up email, as your message may have simply gotten buried in their inbox. These are almost as crucial as the first as you don’t want to seem too persistent. There’s a chance that the sponsor hasn’t even read your first email, so you’ll want to be polite about asking for an answer.
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About the Author: Rupert Walsh
Podcast Creator at Podcast Production2018–present
M.S. in Computer Science, Miami UniversityGraduated 2012
Lives in Miami
© Quora, Inc. 2021
How do you get sponsors for a podcast?
Daniel J. Lewis, Podcaster | Consultant | Designer. I host three podcasts on my own network and offer podcasting consulting an…
Answered 9 years ago · Author has 454 answers and 569.8K answer views
Sponsors often won’t want to be associated with explicit content, either. So consider the language and topics you allow in your podcast and whether a sponsor wants their brand connected with it.
Think about the companies you like and that would be a good fit for your audience. If you have a tech show, consider tech companies. If you have a knitting show, consider a company that makes supplies or services for knitters.
Be proactive and approach sponsors. They may not know you exist but would love to be personally recommended to your niche audience.
Also, think about whom you know. Do you know any business owners or leadership team members of local companies that may be interested in a new method of sponsorship? Approach them.
Podcast sponsorship is not quite an “if you build it, they will come” approach. Good things don’t come to people who just sit around. While you may get some interest, it will take a lot longer than being more proactive on your own.
Also, ensure that your podcast is sponsorship-ready. Do you have stats to show if they require them? Do you know your audience demographics? Have you experimented before with affiliate programs and can report success?
Don’t just wait for a sponsor, but also look at other ways you can make money podcasting. I shared some ideas in my own podcast about podcasting:
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· Answer requested by Allison Jackson
About the Author: Daniel J. Lewis
Podcaster; podcasting industry expert, educator, & advocate
Podcasting Educator and Solutions-creator2010–present
Lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
© Quora, Inc. 2021
Answer to How do you get sponsors for a podcast? by Andrew McGivern
How do you get sponsors for a podcast?
Andrew McGivern, works at Pacific CoastCom
If you have a large audience then you can look for sponsors through Midroll, Libsyn, Blubrry, and other networks. In order to get these types of sponsors, you need to have a huge audience.
If your podcast audience is smaller then I’ve found the best place to find sponsors is within your own podcast community.
When the Bunker Project podcast was still being published we had two sponsors and we got them both through our community. One of our listeners and Meetup members was a local community manager for We told our listeners we were looking for sponsors and he said he was interested. Later, a local beer manufacturer sponsored our show and Meetup events which were awesome.
We didn’t have a ton of downloads so going with a major ad network was not an option but you always have the option of dealing directly with businesses that are interested in reaching your audience.
When you deal directly with a sponsor you can negotiate based on more than just your raw download numbers. You can leverage your social media following and any other means you have of promoting your sponsor.
About the Author
… seriously, Andrew McGivern is a podcaster, tech guy and new media producer.
Works at Pacific CoastCom
Studied at Simon Fraser University
Lives in Vancouver, BC
© Quora, Inc. 2021
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