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Nate St. Pierre
Nate St. Pierre
Observations From a Human #6

Next time you sit down to pay the rent (or the mortgage), take a minute to turn inward and give some real thought as to how it makes you feel. Does it produce annoyance? Resentment? Drudgery? Fear? Happiness? Pride?
It’s that last one for me. There have been a number of times in my life where there wasn’t always enough money to pay the rent – and often even if there was, something else had to take a hit.
So today, no matter how well I’m doing financially or how easy it is to take care of the monthly bills, I find that I’ve still never lost that feeling of relief, satisfaction, and pride that comes when the rent money is available in my account, ready to be sent out with no fear.
2Pac’s line from “Dear Mama” swims through my head each time: “I love payin’ rent when the rent’s due…”
I honestly do love it, and I’ve realized that I am grateful for both the feeling and the ability to pay. How about you?
P.S. That last sentence is rhetorical, for you to think about on your own. I really don’t need everyone hitting my inbox with how they feel about their rent.
Come to think of it, though, I’m pretty sure my landlord subscribes to this newsletter, so it turns out that I am literally hitting his inbox with how I feel about rent.
Welp, that’s ironic.
Dear Mama
Dear Mama
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Nate St. Pierre
Nate St. Pierre @natestpierre

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