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Najeeb's Gaming Report - Issue #9

This is my weekly newsletter focusing on major developments within the Gaming industry. You can follo

Najib El Kihel

June 5 · Issue #9 · View online
Startup and Tech curious, with a focus on #Gaming. Runs a weekly Newsletter on this particular industry.

This is my weekly newsletter focusing on major developments within the Gaming industry.
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Issue #9 - 05 June 2017
Issue #9 - 05 June 2017
Industry News
Nintendo seems to be riding a pretty nice wave at the moment. If 18 million Switches can be shipped by March 18, that would be an incredible achievement after the Wii U epic failure. It could also attract a lot more third party developers to allocate resources and create dedicated games (as opposed to simple ports).
The only thing I want to mention about this news is that the industry will need to sort the nomenclature regarding VR/AR/MR asap. Right now, as a consumer looking from afar, I wouldn’t know if buying a Mixed Reality HMD would enable me to play VR Games. This is a real problem, consumers rarely make buying decisions when confused, even by just a name (ask Nintendo if calling their new consoles “3DS” or “Wii U” was a good idea).
A set-back from the original release period of “fall 2017” but this delay will hopefully show that Nintendo has stepped up its game in terms of network services, which were miles behind competition on the previous generations. I’m a bit worried about the use of a mobile app for voice chat, the set up - as it was revealed this week for Splatoon 2 - looks really messy.
On a side note, I really like the idea of classic games that would include an online mode, something that was possible on emulators but that often required spending quite some time in setting configuration.
It might not seem like it but the launch of the AppStore 10 years ago remains one of the biggest milestones in gaming history. It created an great development platform and opened up the medium to dozens of millions players.
As reported in a previous issue, the AppStore will remain #1 mobile store in terms of revenues for the foreseeable future, and gaming should remain #1 app category for revenue generation.
I do not find it surprising considering that the game was released on two console generations and PC - that’s 5 platforms in total - but what needs to be highlighted is how Rockstar handled GTA Online. A lot could be said about the online experience that can be frustrating at times (waiting for long minutes in lobbies, random disconnects) but you can buy GTAV, not pay a single cent to get an incredibly diverse online experience on top of it. This model based on regular free updates and soft monetisation in the background is in my opinion a lot more sustainable long-term than regular paid updates like Destiny for example.
Valve has to be pretty confident in its curation system to lower the entry bar as low as $100. Technically, Steam Direct makes it now easier to get your game on Steam, which could mean more “fake games” on the platform (I don’t think $100 is a real deterrent). However, we also know that Valve has been working hard on curation. If they succeed in that regard, that could mean more exposure to valuable titles and keeping fake games in the background. Something worth monitoring going forward.
Blog Posts
Quite a big section on gaming specifically (from page 80 to 150), with the state of the industry, demographics, tech evolution and use of gaming technologies and mechanics in other industries.
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