Nadia's Digest

By Nadia Piet

A regular curation with favorite links + things from the web plus updates on what I've been keeping busy with and thinking about. Mostly design, tech, AI, data, culture, and creativity. Driven by curiosity, selected with love, published monthly.

A regular curation with favorite links + things from the web plus updates on what I've been keeping busy with and thinking about. Mostly design, tech, AI, data, culture, and creativity. Driven by curiosity, selected with love, published monthly.

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Nadia's Digest #23 🧿 [February 2021]

💬 I really enjoyed this talk by Matt DesLauriers - one of the household names in the generative art space. It's a perfect introduction for anyone curious about the topic and I'm sure the concepts and works presented can serve as inspiration for a wide range o…


Nadia's Digest #22 🎐 [January 2021]

💬 I love this! It makes me want to do a round of 'draw the algorithm/the data' and watch what happens when we attempt to capture the intangible in a simple drawing. Let me know if you're in for a little experiment like this 👀


Nadia's Digest - Issue #21

Joël van Bodegraven (Product Designer @ Adyen), Chris Duffey (Head of AI Strategy & Innovation @ Adobe) and AWWWARDS teamed up to create this ebook on the impact and potential of AI in design. It looks into how AI impacts UX design, how AI can support the…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #20

Techfestival is an event aiming to find human answers to the big questions of technology. If this already has you Googling when the next edition is .. I know, I know. Unfortunately we just missed it and I only learned about this amazing event after seeing its…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #19 (August)

I know this is nerdy as hell, and I know it's pretty useless (although: educational purposes for youngins?), but OOHHHMYGGAAAWWDD you can now run and play with Windows 95 on your laptop. The original Paint! Customizing your folder icons! The ugly start dock! …


Nadia's Digest - Issue #18 (July)

Before the Singularity hits us, there will be a transitioning phase in which we are not replaced, but amplified, by AI & robots. It's my latest obsession to ponder this human-AI collaboration.What might a hybrid workforce look like? How will we work toget…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #17 (June)

I know not everybody shares my fascination for emoji's, but you have to admit its gaining ground as a language of its own. A London language firm even recruited for an emoji translator, with part of the application process being an emoji literacy test (see ho…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #16 (May)

Brainstorming is a key ritual in any design thinking or concept development process. Yet as with most group activities, it is wired for extroverts. Failing to recognize this flaw, we may just miss out on the best idea in the room being shared, and instead rem…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #15 (April)

Oblique Strategies is a set of 103 cards with equal parts profound and silly abstract prompts to break you out of a creative rut - applied to problem solving, art, life, work, or otherwise. It's a total classic but somehow it slipped under my radar until now,…


Nadia's Digest - March Issue #14

This talk explores the deep disconnection between the 'future' and how it manifests in our everyday lives. I love Anab Jain's and her Superflux team's approach as they stress the importance of exploring and preparing for various scenarios; keeping an open min…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #13 (February)

This well-written article on HBR hones in the importance of quiet time for leaders (and everyone else, really). It paints this image in stark contrast to the reality of how most executives and managers spent their day - running around, attending unnecessary m…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #12 (January)

Steve Lacy is the youngest member of the band The Internet and takes his personal story of making beats (using nothing else but his iPhone!) to teach us about working with what we got and not allowing our craft to be limited by our tools. Inspirational hazard…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #11 (December)

A healthy reality check at the turn of the year. This post was published in 2013 but rings truer than ever. I return to it regularly when I feel caught up in trivialities and start to believe I suck at life. The article's point is not to mock our generation o…


Nadia's November Digest - Issue #10

This article eloquently yet confronting calls attention to the responsibility of those working in tech and shaping the future. "Designers are the first line of defense to protect people’s privacy, safety, and sanity. In many, many cases we’re failing at that …


Nadia's Digest - Issue #9

Objectified is a feature-length documentary about our complex relationship with manufactured objects and, by extension, the people who design them. It interviews a wide range of thought leaders from different disciplines and continents such as Paola Antonelli…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #8

'More people have heard of me through Drake than anything else', and I'm guilty to say I'm one of those people. The Hotline Bling video, although not a work of Turrel, it such a close resemblance it's been called a rip-off more than once. All shade aside, Jam…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #7

Most of us lose our creative spirit at some stage of childhood and grow into adults who limit themselves by claiming they're 'just not the creative type'. IDEO's David Kelley is here to tell you that's bullshit, and how you can start expressing and embracing …


Nadia's Digest - Issue #6

A new stream of artists are among the first to truly embrace human and machine collaborations. This article on SLEEK discusses the developments of human X AI collabs in the realm of art and references a multitude of exemplary projects that you can check out a…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #5

It's sometimes the most unlikely occurrences that strike us as the most inspiring. This short 10-min documentary showcasing the skateboarding community in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is one of those beautiful, organic happenings that inspired me by its mere exis…


Nadia's Digest - Issue #4

I've been enjoying some quality off-time this summer and investing some of it in meditation and other presence practices. Here, 9 visual artists create a beautiful meditative space to translate the mental state experienced in meditation to an external and imm…