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Nadia's Digest - March Issue #14

Nadia's Digest - March Issue #14
By Nadia Piet • Issue #14 • View online
Hey you! Tum kaise ho?^ that’s ‘how are you’ in Hindi - I’m practicing.
Has this month flown by for you too? I’ve been busy working for the creative hub & coworking space Ministry of New, exploring the rich Indian culture, cuisine and landscapes (wauw!), and a handful of other projects that are slowly taking form (one of which you can find at the bottom of this email). I can’t believe I’m already leaving this place in 5 weeks, but I have my eyes set on another destination from whereout, hopefully, I will be writing you the next issue.Back on topic, for the month of March, I want to share with you: 
  • Futurist Anab Jain from Superflux’s keynote exploring how will we live? and it’s many potential answers 👶⚰️
  • MIT just launched a free online class on shaping the future of work. Join me there? 🎓✨
  • This article bluntly questions and ultimately rejects the design thinking hype 🤔✒️
  • Debbie Millman redefines notions of failure & success and shares her own path toward the creative life 🏆
  • Revealing all my favorite productivity apps to you - hoping it will help you work smarter and get shit done 📲🎁
  • A typical day from sunset - (way past) sundown in the life of yours truly, written for Dysco’s day in the life of  📅☀️
  • Our Design Your Vocation workshop is happening this Saturday, focused on turning inspiration into action by iteration and an experimental mindset. I can’t wait! 🗺️

Futurist Anab Jain asking how we will live 👶⚰️
This talk explores the deep disconnection between the ‘future’ and how it manifests in our everyday lives. I love Anab Jain’s and her Superflux team’s approach as they stress the importance of exploring and preparing for various scenarios; keeping an open mind to how the future will unfold, realizing our power to influence it, and urging us to ensure others around the world have the power to participate as well. Must watch if you like thinking about the future!
How Will We Live? by Anab Jain - YouTube
MIT class on Shaping the Future of Work 👔🎓
To linger on the future theme for a little - just last week an edX class started diving deep into the future of work, and calling upon us all to participate in shaping it. Looking at the history of work, the role in our society, the economic imperatives, generational differences and much much more. It’s with esteemed professors from MIT & Cornell and completely free. I’m enrolled and heading for the certificate so let me know if you join!
Shaping the Future of Work
Bluntly questioning Design Thinking hype 🤔✒️
YES I am an IDEO fan, YES I use design thinking to tackle challenges and YES I facilitate workshops on design thinking regularly. But I believe critical thinking and considering counter-arguments will only ever benefit one’s understanding and practice. That’s why I love this piece and recommend any fellow DT'er to read it and consider its many valid points (and then stubbornly keep practicing what is indeed common sense). Curious about your thoughts!
Design Thinking is Kind of Like Syphilis — It’s Contagious and Rots Your Brains
Debbie Millman redefines failure & success 🏆
Debbie’s podcasts is one of my favorites and unlike many design giants that see the lens through the concepts of aesthetics and simplicity, Debbie has an incredibly down-to-earth worldview and isn’t afraid to expose her personal vulnerabilities and bring out those of others. In this 8-minute commencement speech she comforts us on topics that occupy us all - the anxiety of career choices, lifestyle design, making compromises and the creative life - in her signature assertive yet attentive tone.
Fail Safe: Debbie Millman's commencement address on courage and the creative life - YouTube
All my favorite productivity apps revealed 📲🎁
If you’re looking to work smarter (not harder), get organized, clear your mind and focus, get more done, and successfully juggle multiple projects alongside each other: this one is for you.
12 Apps that Transform the Way I Organize & Get Shit Done - Nadia Piet
A day in the life of yours truly 📅☀️
In anticipation of the workshop this weekend, the creative network start-up DYSCO invited me to contribute to their ‘day in the life of’ series - so I did! If you’re curious what my morning routine looks like, what podcasts I listen to on my commute, the diversity of my work and projects, and what is the last thing I do before I fall asleep: I left nothing out.
A Day in the Life of a Business Innovator in Bombay - Nadia Piet's Dysco Diary - The Dysco Blurb
About our Design Your Vocation workshop 🗺️
In collaboration with Dysco & Great to Awesome, me and Benjamin will be facilitating an interactive workshop helping you to (re-)define your vocation this Saturday. If you or any of your friends are on Bombay and would benefit from adopting an experimental mindset to personal change? Then join us by replying this email for more info. I’m super excited for this one and looking forward to help another group of talented creatives to explore their curiosities and build their remarkable lives!
Design Your Vocation: How To Turn Your Ideas Into Action - A Workshop by Dysco X G2A - The Dysco Blurb
– el fin –
Oops I seem to be adding more items into these lately haha. Do you rather see it limited it to 5 pieces (like in the beginning) or should I just hit you up with what I think is dope? Let me know your vote and see you on the other side!
With love from Mumbai,
PS: Next week I will be travelling in New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur & Udaipur, whoopwhop! Join me on the gram to catch little snippets of what happens on the road. 
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