Nadia's Digest - Issue #7

Delivering ISSUE #7! This time around: For all of you that claim they're 'just not the creative type'

Nadia Piet

October 3 · Issue #7 · View online
So much content, so little time. Curated reads & items on our changing world and what it means to live, learn and work well in the 21st century. Driven by curiosity, selected with love, published monthly. Enjoy & let me know your thoughts!

Delivering ISSUE #7! This time around: 
  • For all of you that claim they’re ‘just not the creative type’ - IDEO’s David Kelley on how to build your creative confidence 🎤🎨 
  • The Startup Stash is most valuable curation of resources to help you through each stage of your startup - from naming to market validation to scaling up 🏢💎
  • Meet InspiroBot: an AI that generates 50% nonsense, 50% profound quotes to inspire, confuse and crack you up 🤖💭
  • We all know the nature of work is changing - this Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum reveals exactly how 👔🔮
  • 300 of my fellow Innovation students are at your service & looking for businesses challenges to tackle 👩‍🎓✨

David Kelley on building your creative confidence 🎤🎨
Most of us lose our creative spirit at some stage of childhood and grow into adults who limit themselves by claiming they’re ‘just not the creative type’. IDEO’s David Kelley is here to tell you that’s bullshit, and how you can start expressing and embracing your creative confidence. There’s also a book with the same title, which I highly recommend to anyone doubting their creative abilities.
David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence | TED Talk
The Startup Stash - most valuable resources 🏢💎
The Startup Stash is most valuable curation of resources to help you through each stage of your startup, or any new business venture for that matter. From naming to market validation to scaling up, don’t waste your time googling for best practices because they’re all collected right here. 
Startup Stash - Curated resources and tools for startups
Meet InspiroBot: an AI attempting to be profound 🤖💭
This AI is created for the purpose of generating 50% nonsense, 50% profound quotes to equal parts inspire you, confuse you and crack you up. Having a love for AI and corny-ass inspirational quotes, this is right up my alley and was recommended to me by my dear friend and business innovator Marvin Urban. What’s the weirdest quote you can generate? 
Are you ready for the future of jobs? 👔🔮
We all know the nature of work is changing: more freedom, less stability, more collaboration, fewer cubicles. Still, this development can feel abstract sometimes, with findings based on observation rather than data. This Future of Jobs report by the World Economic Forum reveals exactly how the future of jobs is manifesting itself, and what it means. Are you ready? 
The Future of Jobs
300 Innovation students at your service 👩‍🎓✨
A new challenge has been bestowed upon me! I am now co-responsible for building partnerships between the business world and our Business Innovation studies. Real-life business experience is essential, and besides: it’s just a lot more fun than theory. Could your organization benefit from the (free) service of our over 300 international Innovation students? Click on the link here or reply me to see what we can do for you :)
IBIS Partner Platform

That’s it for lucky number seven. I’d love to hear your thoughts and your thoughts on what I’ve shared. And if you’ve been liking what you see in this newsletter: don’t keep it to yourself! Looking forward to the next one.
With love,
Nadia Piet
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