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Nadia's Digest - Issue #4

Nadia's Digest - Issue #4
By Nadia Piet • Issue #4 • View online
Hey you! In ISSUE #4, I’d like to share with you:
  • 9 beautiful meditative spaces by visual artists that will have you breathing real serene 📿🔮 
  • Netflix experienced a 10% drop during the solar eclipse meaning people still rather prefer celestial beauty over screens, yay 🌙👁️
  • As different interfaces are emerging, these 7 creative projects illustrate the possibilities of future sound interfaces 🎧✨
  • In the spirit of ‘fuck-up nights’, this article features the failures and lessons from some of the biggest designers in the game 🎨🎒
  • Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens is among my new favorite books and highly recommended to anyone eager to better understand the world around them 📖🌍

Doug Wheeler: PSAD Synthetic Desert III. © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
Doug Wheeler: PSAD Synthetic Desert III. © Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.
9 beautiful spaces to convey the state of meditation📿
I’ve been enjoying some quality off-time this summer and investing some of it in meditation and other presence practices. Here, 9 visual artists create a beautiful meditative space to translate the mental state experienced in meditation to an external and immersive environment. Besides the amazing aesthetics and dreamy-mildly-surreal vibes, I hope they may inspire a flash of serenity and invite you to be with your calm too. Which space is your favorite?
From Kusama to Turrell, 9 Artists Who Made Perfect Spaces for Meditation
Solar eclipse > Netflix 🌙👁️
Netflix felt the sting of the celestial event when its streaming dropped 10% around the time of the eclipse. Call me a hippie but I was happy to read that people preferred to watch the solar eclipse over their screens. Moon is winning yasss! 🌑
After the eclipse, Netflix concedes defeat against the moon
7 projects on the possibilities of sound interfaces 🎧✨
As the familiar touch interfaces are evolving into gesture, brain and other types of interfaces, one we less often speak or read of are sound interfaces. This article on Co.Design collected 7 cool experiments to illustrate the creative possibilities of sound UI.
7 Sound Experiments That Hint At The Future Of Interfaces
Lessons from the biggest designers in the game 🎨🎒
In the spirit of “We must learn from others’ mistakes, for we will not live long enough to make them all ourselves” and the uprise of “fuck-up nights”, I’d like to share the following article which features gems on the failures + lessons from some of the biggest designers in the game.
My First Big Screw-Up: Lessons From 8 Top Designers
Recommended read: Yuval Noah Harari's Sapiens 📖🌍
I finished reading Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens last week and can tell you this is one of my new favorite books of all-time, cross-genre. Maybe it was my former lack of general knowledge in world history but this book made me see everything in a completely new light and has profoundly impacted my worldview. It fuses educational, inspiring, insightful, critical and funny elements as it chronicles the biological, political and cultural evolution of humankind. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand the world around them and the fundaments of modern society. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (9780062316097): Yuval Noah Harari: Books
Enjoy the above and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue, the topics and the newsletter so far. Thank you for being here and see you again in September!
With lovefrom back home in Amsterdam,
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One more of the beautiful meditative spaces from the 1st link to close off with.
One more of the beautiful meditative spaces from the 1st link to close off with.
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