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Nadia's Digest - Issue #21

Nadia's Digest - Issue #21
By Nadia Piet • Issue #21 • View online
I hope this 21st edition reaches you well.
A 3-bullet summary of hat I’ve been upto this past month:
+ Craving a new creative endeavor, I’ve picked up digital collaging. I love Sophia Cope’s minimal and storytelling collage style so when I saw she opened up her course again, I decided to give it a go myself and enroll. I’m having a lot of fun so far and looking forward to share something soon!
+ A new awesome freelance project came in that I’m picking up with my design-twin Lily Higgins. The goal is to re-design the learning & development experience for leaders and managers in the client’s organization. If you know of any creative corporate L&D solutions I’d love to hear about them for inspiration!
+ It isn’t all cupcakes & rainbows. To keep it real with you: this past month has been packed with disappointment and a lil’ rough all around. The professional, financial, physical and emotional all came crashing down and with them my mental. Nothing seems to be coming together. My energies are slowly picking up again but I can’t wait to move past this chapter and into the next.
Regardless of some challenging month, there’s a few things I got really excited about and I’d like to share with you.
Items in issue #21:
Favorite finds:
  • Exploring the potential of AI-driven design 🎨
  • Tristan Harris and Yuval Noah Harari in conversation about when tech knows you better than you know yourself 📔📷
  • Humane Tech & the attention economy📱💰
By yours truly:
  • So you want to be a design thinker? 6 resources to kick start your design thinking journey ✏️📚
  • EQ @ Work playbook is packed with actionable ways to practice & improve emotional intelligence in the workplace🎋
  • 🎵 Listening to Loyle Carner & Jordan Rakei
  • 🗨 Alan Watts on Clinging

AI-driven design 🎨
Joël van Bodegraven (Product Designer @ Adyen), Chris Duffey (Head of AI Strategy & Innovation @ Adobe) and AWWWARDS teamed up to create this ebook on the impact and potential of AI in design. It looks into how AI impacts UX design, how AI can support the design process, how to design meaningful experiences in an era with AI-driven products & services and much more. Marrying 2 of my loves: design & AI, it’s needless to say I’m in love with this little booklet. Thanks guys for putting this together!
AI-driven Design: AI will undeniably shape the user experiences of tomorrow
When tech knows you better 📔📷
Two of my favorite modern-day thinkers, Tristan Harris (former Design Ethics @ Google and founder of the Humane Tech movement) and Yuval Noah Harari (author of Sapiens, Homo Deus, and 21st Lessons for the 21st Century), sit down with Nicholas Thompson (Editor in Chief @ WIRED) to chat about the intersection of technology & humanity for over an hour. I’ll admit I’ve watched this more than once.
How Humans Get Hacked: Yuval Noah Harari & Tristan Harris Talk with WIRED
Humane Tech & the attention economy📱💰
I’ve been reading and watching a lot about Humane Tech lately, a movement whose aim it is to re-align technology with humanity’s best interest and questioning the impact on our ability to live fulfilling lives in the current attention economy. If you’re unfamiliar with these concepts I invite you to watch the video below and take it from there.
This Panda Is Dancing on Vimeo
So you want to be a design thinker? ✏️📚
For anyone looking to learn more about design thinking, I put together this quick introduction and 6 actionable resources to kickstart your journey to learn about design thinking & human-centered design today. There’s anything from the TED-talk, book, to the online course, and live course.
So you want to be a design thinker? – Nadia Piet – Medium
EQ @ WORK playbook 🎋
EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is now deemed 2x more important a skill at work than technical expertise or IQ. The goal - the what - is clear, but the method - the how - not so much. That’s why we’re creating the EQ @ WORK playbook: an actionable playbook on growing emotional intelligence in the workplace.
Here’s what you can expect from it:
🚀Breaking down EQ’s dimensions into bite-sized summaries
🚀Actionable and practical exercises you can try out today
🚀Exercises specifically for the individual, team, and organizational level
Check our humans@work website and sign up now to be the first to receive it!
Humans @ Work – Re-imagining Work
🎵 Listening to Loyle Carner & Jordan Rakei
Loyle Carner - Ottolenghi (Official Video) Ft. Jordan Rakei - YouTube
🗨 Alan Watts on Clinging
“Seize to cling" - Alan Watts
Hope you enjoyed the episode and would love to hear your thoughts in a simple reply. For now: have an amazing, fruitful and joyful day!
With love,
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