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Nadia's Digest - Issue #20

Nadia's Digest - Issue #20
By Nadia Piet • Issue #20 • View online
How you living?
As it turns out, most of you (at least from those who filled in my feedback survey - thank you so much for that 🙏) are here as much to read the curated content as to see what I’ve been upto.
So here’s what I’ve been working on these days (in addition to keeping up with school assessments, writing, living life, trying to master basic self-care, laughing at memes on Instagram and reading Michael Foley’s Age of Absurdity):
+ Right now, my ass is in Morocco (Casablanca mostly and passing through Tangier & Marrakech) for a 2-week design strategy job for Coca Cola. I’m looking to learn more about local trends & youth culture so if you’re in the know, please reach out!
+ I’m on my autodidactic flow lately. I just finished my 1st fully online and certified class with this Design Strategy course on Coursera (recommended if you’re new to Design Thinking in a corporate setting, redundant otherwise). Up next I’m studying Human-Computer Interaction with the Interaction Design Foundation. More about that & a free 3-month membership for you awaits below!
+ Class is back in session and this year I’ll be writing the much-dreaded thesis to finish my Business Innovation bachelors. Equally intimidating and exciting, it’s an opportunity to spend a lot of time on a topic or in a space you’re passionate about. Looking for a client & a brief has been a frustrating back-and-forth process but my aim is to settle and kick off before my next digest reaches your inbox. Pray for me! If you’ve recently finished your thesis, I’d love to hear your tips & recommendations before I go all in.
Enough about me, let’s see what’s been happening on the web.
Items in issue #20:
Favorite finds:
  • The Copenhagen Catalog is a collective manifesto on human-centered tech from Techfestival 📢
  • The Ekmans’ Atlas of Emotions summarizes 3 years of CBT therapy in an interactive website 🛋
  • Meet @lilmiquela - a CGI fashion influencer with 1M followers 💃
  • Giving away free 3-month membership to the Interaction Design Foundation’s classes for my fellow design geeks 📱
By yours truly:
  • I’m now offering Visual Notes for talks, events & courses ✏️
  • 🎵 Listening to OSHUN
  • 🗨 Maya Angelou on Belonging

From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
150 principles for human-centered tech 📢
Techfestival is an event aiming to find human answers to the big questions of technology. If this already has you Googling when the next edition is .. I know, I know. Unfortunately we just missed it and I only learned about this amazing event after seeing its highlights on Dymphie Braun’s (@hellodymphie) Insta stories. Thankfully the organization shared material online for us who couldn’t be present to enjoy. One such example is the Copenhagen Catalog: a collective manifesto of 150 design principles seeking to guide a future of human-centered tech & design for wellbeing. Co-created by the visitors, colorfully illustrated, and now traveling to locations around the world, I very much enjoyed reading and pondering the concerns, hopes and best practices of fellow designers, consumers, and everyone in between. 
PS: All the way at the bottom of this digest I included some of the principles that resonated with me and I’d love to hear which of the 150 stood out most to you.
The Copenhagen Catalog
The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotions 🛋
All up in your feelings? And not sure how that happened? We’ve all been there. Whether it’s fear, anger, sadness, shame, joy or a subset of any of the latter, we’ve all found ourselves caught up and consumed by emotions - not sure how we got there or how to get out. Some of us resort to therapy. Some of us find (in)valid reasons not to. Whether you need a refresher course or would like to understand more of your emotions in the comfort of your own screen, you are in luck! The Atlas of Emotions is an interactive website that skillfully maps out the process of emotional responses, and the triggers and behaviors that precede and follow them. As a BPD-person who had to learn all this stuff from scratch with 5 years of CBT therapy, I am deeply impressed by this effort. And if my opinion isn’t enough to persuade you, the Dalai Lama also endorsed the whole project. Recommended to absolutely anyone having a human experience. 
The Ekmans' Atlas of Emotions
Meet Lil Miquela 💃
This month I learned about lil Miquela. Many of you might have heard of her, but for those who don’t; meet @lilmiquela, a 19-year old Instagram influencer from LA with a bomb collection of streetwear, witty captions and inclusive political stance. Except that, she’s also a CGI (Computer Generated Image). “Wait, what, so she isn’t real?”. Well, not in a flesh and blood and squishy brain matter sense. She is not human. But she sure as hell is real. Having collaborations with brands like Prada, Forever 21, and a growing 1.4M followers, she’s no more or less real than any other Instagram influencer you follow. From my perspective, we’ll look back on Miquela one day as an early example of humans building relationships with virtual characters, artificial beings, and robots alike in the same way as we do with other humans. If Miquela can assimilate this amount of influence without operating in the physical world - would it be fair to say our digital world is shaping reality at least as much as the analog does? I don’t have the answer but I sure enjoy pondering it, and am I’m wildely fascinated to see how our relationship with lil Miquela and the other characters of the Brud (the creator of lil Miquela & her bro Blawko) family evolve. What are your thoughts?
*~ MIQUELA ~* (@lilmiquela) • Instagram photos and videos
Come study interaction design with the IDF 📱
Human-Computer Interaction, User Research – Methods and Best Practices, Psychology of Interaction Design, Creating Intuitive Products by Imitating Physicality. These are a sample of the course titles at the Interaction Design Foundation. IDF offers online courseware on everything UX with industry-acclaimed certificates upon completion (e.g. Adobe, Accenture, IBM fuck with them it’s got to be good?). Traditional education, move right along! I’ve been studying with them the past few weeks and learn something new in almost every video (5-15 mins each). What a refreshing standard of quality in a web of shitty online courses. It comes at the cost of about 120$ a year which is totally worth the investment. But it’s your lucky day! Because you reader lot are my most favorite people in the world, are probably as obsessed with learning as I am, I’m gifting you free memberships! Click here or below to claim your 3-month memberships to the IDF and come debate with me about human-computer interaction!
Join Interaction Design Foundation and Learn UX Design: Get 3 months off your membership with the IDF
Offering Visual Notes for Talks & Events ✏️
If you follow me on the Gram, you’ve certainly seen my visual notes before. I take them for almost any events, talks, conference and course I follow as a way to capture and share my learnings. I love making sketchnotes and people & organizations have shown to benefit from them in countless ways. So let’s make more?!
Would you like to capture your next event, conference, talk, course, workshop, or meeting in a visual note? Throw me an invite & friendly perks and I’ll be happy to come by and create! Alternatively: click on the link below if you’re wondering what the hell visual notes are all about.
Visual Notes for Talks & Events – Nadia Piet
🎵 Listening to OSHUN
OSHUN is a afrofuturism hip hop-soul duo from Brooklyn. Or as my dear friend Roy describes them: the woke space twins. I’ve been following these 2 queens since they came out with their debut single ‘Stuck’ back in 2014 and see them evolve and step into our power ever since. What resonates with me deeply is the way they embrace both their vulnerable/unstable and bad ass selves, and play with the tension between them. Embarking on their first European tour, I got the chance to see them live at BIRD, Rotterdam last week and they did not disappoint. So now I love them even more lol. Without further ado, check them out.  
OSHUN - Sango (Official Video) - YouTube
🗨 Maya Angelou on Belonging
“You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place” - Maya Angelou
Thanks for reading with me and have a chill Friday & weekend wherever you are!
With love,
To connect, reply to this mail or find me at:
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog
From the Copenhagen Catalog. OK, bye now 👋
From the Copenhagen Catalog. OK, bye now 👋
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