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Nadia's Digest - Issue #2

Kalispera! In ISSUE #2: A short animated film on the mysteries of ideas and inspiration to inspire yo
Nadia's Digest - Issue #2
By Nadia Piet • Issue #2 • View online
Kalispera! In ISSUE #2:
  • A short animated film on the mysteries of ideas and inspiration to inspire your own creative endeavors💡🎨
  • The Internet Phone uses a rotary phone to explain in the simplest and cutest way how the internet works in a 1-minute video  ☎️ 🖥️
  • This chatbot therapist wants to talk about and help support your mental health. Do you? 🤖 
  • Nike launches the first major-brand athletic hijab, expected to hit stores early 2018 🕌🏅
  • On my week in Icaria, a utopian Greek island and one of the 5 Blue Zones in the world where people live statistically longer 🌞🌴

A 5-min film on the mysteries of inspiration💡🎨
Inspiration and creativity remain one of my favorite endlessly interesting concepts to philosophize about. What is it? Where does it come from? How does each person experience it? Express it? What can you do to promote it? And so on. A 5-minute film on the topic.
Where Do Ideas Come From? on Vimeo
Understand how the internet works in 1 minute ☎️ 🖥️
We interact with ‘the cloud’, servers and URLs on a daily, but few of us know how this trickery actually works. The Internet Phone makes the intangible processes of the internet tangible. A group of Interaction Design students used the oldschool rotary phone to illustrate in the simplest and cutest way how the internet works, and how webpages such as this one end up on your screen. The 1:21 minute video is a must-watch for anyone with an interest in technology and web. 
This Rotary Phone Is A Delightfully Analog Way To Read The Web
WoeBot wants to talk about your mental health 🤖
Alison Darcy, a clinical psychologist from Stanford University, has released a therapist chatbot to support your mental health. It keeps track of your moods with a daily 5-minute check-in and offers you CBD-inspired techniques to improve. I see these kinds of projects as the first of AI-driven healthcare and I feel quite positive about it. How about you? Would you confide in a chatbot to share what’s on your mind? If yes: click here to test talking to the Woebot on FB Messenger right now.
WoeBot, The Chatbot Therapist, Will See You Now | WIRED
Nike launches athletic hijab (in store early 2018) 🏅
I assume you’ve seen this come by in your news feed somewhere but I just quickly wanted to celebrate this move. There’s been a backlash on it too, with some people claiming the hijab normalizes the oppression of women. I rather think of it as a step toward inclusion and as weight-lifter Amna Al Haddad, who co-designed and tested the Nike hijab, said: it will encourage a new generation of athletes to pursue sports (professionally).
Nike becomes first major brand to launch hijab for women - BBC Newsbeat
On Icaria: the island where people forget to die 🌞🌴
The last 10 days I’ve been staying on the beautiful island of Icaria (named after the myth of Icarus, yes), located in the Aegean Seas. Icaria is one of the 5 so-called Blue Zones in the world where people live statistically longer, often 100+, and free of many modern maladies, anxieties and luxuries. It’s been the trip of a lifetime: bathing in sunrays, meeting with beautiful souls and doing undercover research on their secrets to a healthy and happy life. I might blog on this later but for now, I refer you to my Insta blurs + the following article covering some of those Icarian life hacks; and urge you to visit if you ever get the chance.
Blue Zones - Greece - National Geographic

That’s all for the month of July my lovely people! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the pieces above, thank you for subscribing and look forward to seeing you at the next one. 
With love (from Icaria),
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